Not Just a Selfie, But an Attitude; Bestie Teaches You How to Shoot the Most Beautiful YOU

CHENGDU, China, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Selfies and photo enhancements have become part of the daily lives of more and more people. Lately, a wildly popular App "Bestie" has taken Asia by storm; winning Apple's Best App of the Year award once again in Thailand for 2016.

Poster of Bestie
Poster of Bestie

In the past few years, selfie apps have been pouring into the market. Since its launch in early 2015, "Bestie" has been striving to satisfy female tastes for beautiful and enhanced selfies, while endlessly continuing to optimize effects, making users' skin look more rosy and natural. Other than skin enhancement functions, Bestie has provided users with hundreds of filters, super cute stickers and even big-head sticker cameras, allowing girls to maximize their creativity and discover unlimited possibilities with selfies. At the same time, the product has continuously worked to simplify steps for users. Today, all you need to do is to lightly swipe the screen to adjust enhancement levels. You can also see real time previews of skin effects, giving a true feeling of "what you see is what you get."

For users, "Bestie" isn't just a selfie machine, but a record of times past and an attitude towards life. For girls who love living life to the fullest, this is where they'll find the true joy of taking selfies. In the world of young adult females, "Bestie" doesn't just give them a chance to capture their beautiful selves at a moment's notice; but also a display of their unique characters, and confident disposition.

From a product point of view, "Bestie" was developed by Chengdu PinGuo Technology Co., Ltd., the same team that brought outstanding mobile photography apps like Camera360 and MIX to the market. With such a solid foundation, it's without doubt that "Bestie" has done so well for itself. Since its launch in August of 2015, it's already been recommended globally on the App Store, and was one of App Store's 2015 featured apps. Overseas, "Bestie" isn't lacking either. Other than Korea's App Store and popular Japanese website recommendations, it's also won Google Play's Best App award in Indonesia in December of 2015.

Excellent product quality and interesting features are what made "Bestie" a favorite among users of all ages and regions in such a short time.

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Source: Chengdu PinGuo Technology Co., Ltd.