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Parkview Green Awarded Asia Pacific's First-ever LEED(R) Dynamic Plaque(TM)

2017-04-17 14:00
-Design Green to Make a Difference

BEIJING, April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Parkview Green was awarded the LEED® Dynamic Plaque™ by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) today, co-witnessed by representatives from the US Embassy, the Beijing Construction Association, and the Beijing Paulson Institute. After receiving the LEED® Platinum certification in 2009, Parkview Green has thus achieved another milestone in fusing sustainability with fashion.

LEED® Dynamic Plaque Ceremony
LEED® Dynamic Plaque Ceremony

Design Green to Refresh Urban Life

Parkview Green has, since its inception, devoted itself to becoming a landmark that fuses green living, environmental protection, and art. Receiving the LEED® Dynamic Plaque™ constitutes a good example of its brand commitment "Always Fresh". Upon receiving this honor, Mr. George Wong, Executor of Hong Kong Parkview Group, said: "LEED® Dynamic Plaque™ is Parkview Green's architectural Bible. It focuses our construction around function and the surrounding environment, creating a firm sense of corporate commitment. In the future, Parkview Green will continue working to pioneer practical energy and environmental design, challenging ourselves to create better construction projects." Mr. Feng Yi, Vice Chairman of Beijing Construction Association affirmed this, praising Parkview Green for holding to principles of environmental sustainability and expressing his wish that the construction industry in Beijing and China as a whole will follow this example and embrace the green building movement.

Executor of Hong Kong Parkview Group, Mr. George Wong
Executor of Hong Kong Parkview Group, Mr. George Wong

LEED® is the preeminent rating system developed by USGBC, a non-profit that promotes sustainability in building design, construction, and operation. Sarah Alexander, Vice President of USGBC, explained on the ceremony that LEED measured rigorously a building's energy efficiency, water conservation, waste and recycling, transportation, and user experience, in order to encourage upgrade in design and management in the real estate industry. The newly launched LEED® Dynamic Plaque™, however, introduces scores for dynamic performance, real-time monitoring for a building's environmental protection and energy conservation, and scores for the user experience, which constitutes a even bigger challenge for green buildings. Paulson Institute's Managing Director of Beijing Office Dr. Kevin Mo offered his own praise for Parkview Green's actions and initiative: "Parkview Green has dared to be a first mover by releasing real-time operations data to verify that its building's performance is truly green. This type of honest spirit is what is needed to ensure a long-lasting and enduring life for the field of green architecture.

Vice President of Certification, GBCI , Ms. Sarah Alexander
Vice President of Certification, GBCI , Ms. Sarah Alexander

Parkview Green has prioritized sustainability from inception to design. Exploiting advanced technology and materials, Parkview manages to downsize its energy consumption to 50% lower than industry standards. With its transparent glass wall and steel frame structure, the building has not only become a landmark in Beijing, but has also significantly reduced its carbon emissions and while meeting its environmental protection goals. Parkview Green is also equipped with a rain collection system, which filters rain water for irrigation. It is through design details that Parkview Green refreshes urban life in a more environmentally friendly way.

Sustainability Goes Beyond Concept

Humanity and sustainability have always been the fundamental design concepts for every masterpiece created by Parkview. Parkview Green in particular sets new standards in both form and function. It is a spectacular piece of modern architecture, with office towers, a shopping mall, an art center and a boutique hotel. Located between the diplomatic zone and CBD, it is an iconic fashion landmark in the capital city.

Parkview Green's General Manager Oliver Lai stated in his introduction: "Environmental protection is not just reflected in a building's design, but carried out regularly through the building's day-to-day operations. After receiving the LEED® Dynamic Plaque™, in addition to continuing to employ the most advanced technologies, Parkview Green will also display real-time energy conservation data inside its building to seamlessly integrate the concepts of green architecture into everyday life." It is because of this concept Parkview holds a "less economic" view in operating the building. For Parkview, shopping is more than a mere exchange of goods; instead, it constitutes an aspect of life. Therefore, pursuits in life, like aesthetics, belonging to a community, and caring for nature, should also be reflected in real estate design. As a result, Parkview Green has devoted itself to creating an urban mixture of art and community that lives harmoniously with the environment. Also, it is Parkview's vision to pass on the concept of sustainability to every customer in the building, and to make a difference to the world with them hand-in-hand.      

Embrace Green Living in Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Every April, during Parkview Green's Environmental Protection Season, the mall will host various community activities to embrace "green living" with its customers. This year from 4.7 to 4.23, Parkview will launch a "Parkview Green Low Carbon Lifestyle", in order to genuinely make a difference to the environment. During the period, together with bike sharing company ofo, Parkview Green will also start activities for green commuting. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Parkview Green encourages customers in office tower and members to exercise in Philosophy, starting up fresh for another green day! On the Low Carbon Day (4.22), Parkview Green will invite 100 environment volunteers to experience low-carbon lifestyle with yoga, vegetarian food, and biking.

Join us at Parkview Green to embrace greener, healthier, and more fashionable urban lifestyle!   

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Source: Parkview Green
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