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Press conference for the Annual Report on the One Belt, One Road Initiative (2017) ends in success in Beijing

2017-06-21 09:05

BEIJING, June 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A press conference for the Annual Report on the One Belt, One Road Initiative (2017) was hosted by the China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector (CICCPS) at Peking University School of Economics on June 16, 2017. More than 200 academics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Institute of International Studies, well-established think tanks and representatives from leading firms attended the conference.

Wang Yanguo, concurrently Chairman of the Presidium, Vice President and Secretary General of CICCPS and chief organizer of the Annual Report, said that following the summarizing opinions of the academics as well as of thought leaders from institutions including China's National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and China Development Bank, the report is a professional study in terms of unique perspectives, identifying potential opportunities created by the One Belt, One Road initiative for private firms and putting forward practical advice on challenges that will face the firms seeking opportunities.

Wang Yuesheng, director of the International Economic Research Institute of Peking University, said that, in order to overcome the obstacles concerning the industrial transfer that is one of the intended outcomes of the initiative, including the wide distances between regions, gaps in existing transportation networks, differences in culture, outdated infrastructure and lack of an efficient cooperation system, infrastructure development is the key to success. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the New Development Bank (formerly the BRICS Development Bank) and the Silk Road Fund are among important financial supporters of infrastructure development and industrial transfer.

Chief author Manoj Jain noted that the report is designed to increase public awareness of the significance, policies and benefits of the initiative and related risks and solutions, in a move to eliminate obstacles in terms of policies and communications and to create a common management system.

The conference also invited Donald Johnston, former Secretary-General of the OECD, to deliver a keynote speech concerning China's One Belt, One Road initiative and the globalization of economic development.

Mr. Johnston, a Western economist, elaborated on China's initiative from the perspective of the global economy and, based on his personal experiences, highlighted trends in overseas investment by Chinese firms in light of the initiative.

Source: China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector

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