Resorts World Genting: The Place to be this School Holiday and Festive Season

The Justice League fever is high at SkyAvenue, so is Snoopy and Monkey King acrobatic performance added with delightful sound, light and multimedia Christmas show, giant Christmas tree at SkySymphony
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GENTING HIGHLANDS, Malaysia, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewsiwre/ -- With so many year-end holiday activities taking place at Resorts World Genting, visitors will have a nice dilemma -- where to begin their quest for a memorable holiday? The new lifestyle mall, SkyAvenue, and the state-of-the-art Awana Skyway in Resorts World Genting have been drawing enthusiastic crowds for many months now -- and new attractions will continue to come the way of holidaymakers this year end season.

Playful monkeys from Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod
Playful monkeys from Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod

Visitors can expect a complete holiday experience; they can go on a shopping spree, indulge in a variety of food offerings, or watch a movie at Picturehouse Cinema. They can also enjoy video games at Vision City, or opt for a cultural experience at SeniKome.

But what are the biggest attractions the visitor's itinerary simply must contain? Justice League is surely one of them -- the arrival of this biggest blockbuster movie of the year will be celebrated with much fanfare at SkyAvenue. Then there's Snoopy making his presence felt; there will be 51 figurines and one six metre tall of him in various national costumes at different locations at the mall, and visitors are challenged to seek them out, take pictures of them and post on social media.

Not to be missed also is the Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod, a stunning production that has been enthralling audiences all over the world with its sheer pageantry. The show is bound to thrill with its amazing acrobatics combined with the visual feast created by the 3D special effects used.

Another must-see is the awe-inspiring Winch and LED show at SkySymphony located at Level 1 of SkyAvenue. If you have yet to soak up the atmosphere there, you simply must make a beeline for it -- the breathtaking audio-visual production is surely nothing you have experienced before in Malaysia.

Here are more details about these big attractions:

Justice League Movie Launch & Roadshow

For the first time ever Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash will feature together on the silver screen -- and when Justice League premieres in Malaysia on 16 November 2017, we can expect a huge buzz.

A series of exciting activities will take place at SkyAvenue from 10 to 26 November during the Justice League Movie Launch & Roadshow. The highlights that will take place at Level 3 where the DC Superheroes Comics Retail & Cafe is located, include interactive games featuring the superheroes, and photo booths where guests can play with photo effects and filters.

Visitors can experience superhero power when they take part in digital interactive games at a special games area, and they can enjoy photo opportunity with DC Superheroes, particularly Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. There will be an interactive photo booth where visitors can make use of augmented reality to add filters to their faces -- and transform themselves into superheroes.

A wide range of movie merchandise and toys will be available, along with home accessories, gifts and novelties. Apparel for adults and kids by DC Comics and Superheroes will also be a focal point, and shoppers can expect to take part in Spend and Win contests.

Tour the World with Snoopy

Not just Snoopy but a whole group of festive icons including Santa Claus, snowman, elves, and santarinas. Snoopy, as the world knows, is Charlie Brown's pet beagle in the comic strip, Peanuts. And this year end, expect to be wowed as the famous dog and the Peanuts gang are joined by 11 friends as they take to the streets and go on parade. The colourful characters complete with Christmas tree floats will meet and greet visitors as they spread festive cheer at SkyAvenue and Genting Grand daily from 25 November 2017 to 1 January 2018.

A main highlight of Tour the World with Snoopy, to be held from 1 November 2017 to 1 January 2018, sees the friendly beagle decked out in 52 custom-made costumes of different countries and cultures -- the figurines and inflatable Snoopy will be placed at various locations in SkyAvenue and First World Rainforest. Visitors are sure to have fun as they seek out all 52 Snoopy at the mall; they can snap pictures of them and post on social media. 

The largest Snoopy you will ever see will also make an impact at the mall; the larger-than-life six-metre high inflatable Snoopy will be erected at Level 1, SkyAvenue.

Genting Rewards members can look forward to own some exclusive merchandise -- a limited edition piece of Snoopy fun. They may utilise their Genting Points to make redemption for a limited edition of Snoopy lanyard. Shoppers who spend above RM400 at SkyAvenue will receive a Snoopy notebook while those who spend above RM600 will receive a Snoopy tote bag.

The Adventures of the Monkey King and the Golden-Hooped Rod

This dazzling stage production is a refreshing interpretation of the renowned Monkey King saga, and features fantastic acrobatics along with the visual feast created by the 3D special effects used.

The 65-minute show will be held at Genting International Showroom from 11 November to 1 January 2018, scheduled for 2pm, 5pm and/or 9pm daily. It is another example of how the eternal battle between good and evil never gets old as a storyline. Although predictable, the plot unfolds in a thrilling manner: after the Monkey King has claimed the Golden-Hooped Rod from the East China Sea, it is discovered that the enemy of the rod, Chi You, has also been released, and now intends to destroy it.

The Monkey King and the rod must work together to battle Chi You, and it involves them going through the Mana Practice, an exercise that enhances one's life energy. The Monkey King manages to master the ability, but then the rod reveals its weakness -- something that Chi You is also aware of. As it turns out, Chi You manages to lure the rod back to the East Coast Sea and imprison it. This, of course, leads to the ultimate battle between the Monkey King and Chi You.

Tickets to enjoy the show are priced at RM176 (VIP), RM136 (PS1) and RM96 (PS2). Genting Rewards Card (GRC) members enjoy 10% discount.

Winch and giant LED show at SkySymphony

A 20-foot Christmas tree and elves at work at Santa's factory -- these are among the breathtaking wintry features that are part of the Genting Christmas Show -- a sound, light and multimedia display that is sure to wow visitors at Resorts World Genting this year end.

The resort will celebrate Christmas like never before and the one-of-a-kind show that begins on 1 December 2017 is a must-see. The extraordinary presentation to be held at SkySymphony (Level 1 of SkyAvenue) will surely add to the buzz the place has been creating. SkySymphony has been drawing crowds with its audio, visual and motion graphics showcase that features 1,001 winch balls suspended from a four-storey high ceiling. It is Asia's largest permanent winch installation and its first multimedia winch attraction.

The visually impactful Genting Christmas Show should also be at the top of the itinerary for holidaymakers who are out for a memorable year end vacation. And the show will certainly be memorable -- just a simple yet fascinating 4.30-minute presentation that will touch you with its creativity and technical brilliance.

The 20-foot Christmas tree is part of the stylishly unique show that is bound to elicit oohs and ahhs from visitors as it unfolds in all its magical splendour. The story begins with a snow globe that depicts a wintry Christmas village; cheerful Christmas songs filling the air even as the tale plays out. It's one joyous scene after another and the viewer gets to enjoy a peek at Santa's factory where dozens of elves are busy making Christmas gifts.

Santa's reindeer, teddy bears, ginger breadman and nutcracker are among the many festive icons that show up on screen as well even as the story continues to highlight various stages of elves at work. The story ends on a sweet note as the gifts are rolled off the assembly line -- to be presented under a Christmas tree. And this is where the 20-foot tree comes into the picture -- the show also involves a kinetic winch and a stage lift, and the latter is used to lift the tree onto the stage.

Costing RM500,000, the Genting Christmas Show is a joy to behold and just the thing to evoke the spirit of Christmas -- making it memorable for the holidaymaker.

Christmas Caroling and meet the Santa sessions

From 1 to 25 December between 5 pm to 9 pm, Christmas Carolers will be serenading shoppers at the SkyAvenue and Rainforest.  While Santa will be making his rounds between 12 pm and 8 pm at SkyAvenue, Genting Grand and Rainforest.  Be sure to join in the Christmas Spirit.

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