Sammydress Photography Team Collaborated with Rosegal and Zaful for 3D Demonstration of Products

Product photography is a tricky business, as online buyers are often left to guess the actual product quality. Sammydress product photography team recently collaborated with Rosegal and Zaful to create exact product photography.
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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sammydress, a renowned online store for all sorts of fashion apparel for women, recently calibrated their efforts to demonstrate their products in the best possible way. The combined effort of their photography team is aimed at demonstrating the true quality of the products. Sammydress' in-house photography team has collaborated with the photography teams of Zaful and Rosegal, that have also embraced the idea of 3D product photography.

Sammydress, Rosegal and Zaful now want to bridge the chasm between customer expectations and reality. In a bid to reduce customer concerns and anxieties about low-quality products, they have now added a new function, auto 3D view of each product. This new step will ensure that their customers get the real feel of the products while browsing through the fashionable clothing items on their websites.

To achieve this goal, the collaborative photography team of the three stores are now equipped with automatic 3D cameras. This new purchase has increased the capacity of the team overall as a single photographer can now take photographs of 110-120 products per day, compared to 50-60 products previously. The ultimate goal is to have all of their products photographed by their in-house team in 2017.

At present, there are two different categories of product photographs on all the three websites, pure product photos and photos demonstrated by models. The joint photography team is responsible for selecting places for photography, cleaning up the space and arranging everything to demonstrate their products perfectly. Since there is little or no difference between the actual products and the product photographs, customers can be sure about the product quality.

The purchase of the new photographic equipment and the increased quantity of the photos captured every day will translate into increased convenience and reduced confusion and anxiety for the end customers. The store also now uses a more professional and smarter lighting system to improve the quality of color rendition. The auto-effects that the photography team uses now reduce the difference between actual products and respective product photos. The color deviation has been greatly reduced by the photography team.

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Source: Sammydress