TCL Debuts New TV Set Lineup at IFA in Germany, Showcasing Confidence of China's Manufacturing Industry

2017-09-01 20:24 2497

BERLIN, Sept. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Prior to the opening of this year's IFA, the Berlin-based annual event where the latest in consumer electronics are showcased to the world, TCL, a leading Chinese manufacturer and a top three global television manufacturer, held its new product presentation at the IFA venue on August 31, formally unveiling three new TV set series featuring artificial intelligence: the supersized QLED flagship XESS Private Theatre X6, the C5 TV from TCL's Cityline series and the P6 TV from TCL's Popular series.

TCL Corporation chairman Tomson Li said in his opening speech that this year marks TCL's seventh visit as an exhibitor at IFA. The new product presentation and the vastly expanded booth space are two notable changes in TCL's footprint at the exhibition, both of which reflect not only TCL's enhanced stature on the world stage, but also the rise in the stature and the reputation of Chinese manufacturing in the international market. "We chose to hold the new product presentation at IFA in Germany as it is a great opportunity to showcase the strength of China's manufacturing industries," said TCL Corporation vice president, TCL Multimedia chief operations officer and TCL China Operation general manager Wang Cheng. "Holding the IFA in Berlin, Germany's capital, is the right place to do so, as the country's manufacturing prowess is world-famous. In a salute to German craftsmanship, TCL has always been focused on constantly innovating and going beyond, rather than just imitating. China's manufacturing sector, across the board, is gaining similar confidence and strength."

The 85" Private Theatre XESS X6, one of the three new product series and the latest addition to TCL's high-end brand, XESS, is a super flagship product combining the latest trends in aesthetics and design, sophistication in craftsmanship as well as theater-class audio and video technologies. The product is expected to be a significant disruptor in terms of the home TV experience. The C5 is specifically tailored for upscale urban dwellers who have set high standards not only for themselves but for the products they buy and the experiences that expect to get from life. The P6, featuring a more minimalist design with a focus on details, is created for millennials who are more confident, independent and aspire to a fashionable lifestyle.

TCL Multimedia Product Center general manager Zhang Shaoyang explained that the X6, C5 and P6 series took their cues from the successful and differentiating features of the X/C/P series: the X (XESS) series, the ultimate in both technology and design, was conceived for families that have already achieved a certain level of success and are now seeking to transform that success into a quality lifestyle. The C (Cityline) series, based on how fashion is defined in these modern times, was designed with middle- and high-income families in mind, while the P (Popular) series, driven by a combination of fashion and the willingness to spend more for improved performance, provides a perfect experience for wealthy families who attach great importance to quality. The three new series take the best from TCL's heritage and from the latest advances to create products that integrate leading-edge technologies and innovative designs, transforming the perception that consumers around the world have had of Chinese-made products and demonstrating to them the ability of a Chinese brand to produce high-end products and to lead the worldwide development of an industry.

As products made in China continue to receive increasingly favorable recognition in terms of quality, the country's proprietary brands are gaining in influence. TCL is an example of a Chinese brand that is gaining such influence through the introduction of products that are based on the best in craftsmanship, and the results are being seen in the growing acceptance of the brand by global audiences. This year, TCL, by choosing to debut its new product lineup in Germany, a country that takes pride in the high quality of its products and demanding standards of the manufacturing processes, demonstrates the confidence and growing influence of the Chinese brand. With the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and the innovative abilities of its manufacturers, China's home-grown brands, led by companies such as TCL, are well on their way to playing a bigger role in the international market, with higher-quality products and more influential brand power.

Source: TCL