The 16th Western China International Fair (WCIF) Will be Held In Chengdu on Nov. 3-14, 2016

Gauging How the WCIF Will Complete the "First Show" of the "One Belt One Road" Strategy White Paper

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Since being listed in a government white paper on the national "One Belt One Road" strategy in March, 2015, the Western China International Fair (WCIF) has become one of the national top 10 regional exhibition platforms to promote the construction of the "One Belt One Road" systemThe 16th WCIF will be the first show since being listed in the white paper.

"One Belt One Road", as the emphasis and highlight, can be seen everywhere throughout this fair. Firstly, attendees may feel shocked by the strategy at the main forum, which will be a platform to display the integration of western China, especially Sichuan, into the "One Belt One Road" strategy, as well as the vision of Sichuan to drive the opening-up development by the construction of "One Belt One Road". Secondly, various "One Belt One Road" activities held at three "One Belt One Road" halls during this fair will offer plenty of local customs, foods and sceneries from all over China to visitors without them having to travel outside Sichuan.

Besides the party and national leaders, foreign politicians, foreign officials at the ministry level, directors of significant international organizations and merchant associations, important guests and customers at home and abroad, such as senior managers of Fortune 500 companies and well-known multinational corporations, customers from international manufacturers in related industries, regional and multinational chain enterprises and related industries, are invited to participate and exhibit in this fair. About 60,000 domestic and international customers have been invited, over 20,000 of whom will be international visitors.

Additionally, closely focusing on the "One Belt One Road" strategy and regional industrial development, three "One Belt One Road" halls will be set up to highlight international production capacity cooperation, the characteristics of competitive industries in western China and Sichuan, new technologies, new industries and new products all over the world, and more.

With continuously evolving forums, plentiful content and outstanding features, all kinds of main and special activities during this fair will beat with the pulse of the times, with hot topics in focus, such as "One Belt One Road", the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and West China Development Strategy, as well as international production capacity cooperation, supply side reforms, consumption upgrades and other domestic and international hot spots. Renowned distinguished delegates, both domestic and internationalalong with iconic characters from all circles, will carry out deep discussions and exchanges, further promoting and deepening the high-level interaction, economic and trade cooperation, cultural and technological exchanges with the countries along the "One Belt One Road", especially countries which the Chengdu-Europe Express Rail passes through, and proactively innovate and explore the opening-up layouts of the western Chinese region and Sichuan-to-Europe countries.

Source: Organizing Committee of Western China International Fair