The 25th Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Expo Closed Up With Great Success

HOTELEX Gained the Glory Once More with You; New Peak and New Start
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SHANGHAI, May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The 25th Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Supply Expo (HOTELEX Shanghai 2016) lasted for four days and closed up with great success on 1st April 2016 in Shanghai new international Exhibition Center. Organized by China Tourist Hotels Association, China Cuisine Association and UBM Sinoexpo Co., Ltd, and supervised by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, HOTELEX has been molding itself for 25 years and showed its growth and progress in respective aspects.

Visitors at HOTELEX Shanghai 2016
Visitors at HOTELEX Shanghai 2016

HOTELEX Shanghai is one of the most large-scaled, influential and top quality hospitality exhibitions. In this edition, the total exhibition area amounted to 280,000 SQM, HOTELEX Shanghai included 15 themed sectors i.e. Catering Equipment, Tableware, Textile, Appliance Amenities, IT & Security, Fitness & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Bakery & Ice cream, Wine & Spirits, Hotel Design, Hotel Building, Hotel Engineering, Hotel Furniture Hotel Cleaning and aimed to provide a one-stop procurement platform for the hospitality and catering industry.

All the Resources bring together HOTELEX

As the weather vane of hospitality and fine food exhibition, 2016 HOTELEX Shanghai created records in exhibition scale and visitor attendance. There were 126,020 professional visitors who had attended our exhibition, which was an increase of 30% compared with last year's statistics. Those visitors came from 116 countries and regions. Over 50 countries and regions exhibitors were gathered on-site; from Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Japan, HK, Macau and Taiwan. There were 2,500 leading industrial brands and representative enterprises. Many topnotch distributors of hospitality and catering industry converged onsite, hundreds and thousands of visitors were from hospitality, coffee, ice cream and bakery industries along with bar and retail supermarket industries. The professional buyers distribute all over the world, some were Industry Associations' VIPs and Domestic & Overseas Professional Trade Delegations.

From toddling to flourishing and experienced 25 years' of ups-and downs, HOTELEX displayed advanced growth and development in all aspects. The procurement areas cover the industry chain and relevant products of hotels, catering and food processing. The Central Kitchen premium hall was highly popular this year. This premium hall attracted domestic & overseas' catering equipment with cutting-edge technology and will provided the new concept of a central kitchen. Every competition and forum was packed, every exhibition salon displayed its excellence. Constant interactions under the field to the stage had successfully attracted the guests 'attention.

The happy ending of 2016 HOTELEX ' Spring Show' owes to the support and love from all the guests.

The world-class coffee championships co-organized by WCE and "Mirror Award"
The world-class coffee championships co-organized by WCE and "Mirror Award"

Igniting the Coffee passion

As a significant part of this edition, the sixth world-class coffee championships were co-organized by WCE, debuting latte art, roasting, cup tasting, brewers cup, barista and coffee in good spirits. The Four World-Class Finals (Latte Art, Coffee Roasting, Cup Tasting and Coffee in Good Spirits) gathered the best baristas from all over the world passionately engaged the crowd.

This time, Chinese competitor Li Qi bravely seized the second prize in the World Latte Art Final. The winner of last year's China Barista Championship Hu Ying won the Fifth place in the World Coffee in Good Spirits. The future of the Chinese coffee market will definitely continue to shine.

HOTELEX Shanghai pushed the Chinese coffee championship and coffee industry to a brand new and more international height. The attendees and media witnessed the spectacular event of the national coffee industry.

Presenting "Mirror Award"

As the annual weather vane award in the hospitality and catering industry, 2016 "Mirror Award" was unveiled on the night of 29th March in Pudong Kerry Center. Industry association attendees, high star hotel management team and owners, international hotel design masters and hospitality and catering industry influential celebrities all showed up for the gala dinner.

As the most expecting part of the gala dinner, the annual awards represented the coveted industry prize as well as stimulating hospitality industry distributors' development, innovation, spread and exchange. The onsite awards included "Mirror Top 10 Best Hotel Equipment Suppliers", " Mirror Top 10 Best Hotel Equipment Brands", "Mirror Top 10 Best Hotel Suppliers", "Mirror Top 10 Best Hotel Supplier Brands", " Mirror Top 10 Best Catering Suppliers", "Mirror Top 10 Best Catering Supplies Brands", "Mirror Top 10 Best Hotel Engineering Suppliers", "Mirror Top 10 Most Favored Brand by Designers", "Mirror Top 10 Best Product Design Innovation Award", "Mirror Top 10 Most Influential Enterprises", "Mirror Top 10 Best Partners", "Mirror Top 10 Best Designers", "Mirror Best Design of Hotel Mock-up Room Award", "Mirror Special Contribution Award", "2016 Mirror Gold Award" and "2016 Outstanding Contribution of China's Hotel Design Award."

High-end Industry Championships

While attending the exhibition, the lively spring sensations permeated everywhere. Everyone was moved by the unique passion of HOTELEX. The exhibition assembled various top professional championships and high-end displays. The event not only gathered the most influential industry resources but also highlighted the most eye-catching spots. The championships were a strong attraction for the visitors.

Apart from the sixth coffee championships, the competitors of the other championships pulled out all the stops and displayed their professionalism on HOTELEX's big stage. Some of the events included: 2016 Shanghai Pizza Master Competition, 2016 Parma World Pizza Championship-China Selective Division, the Fourth Shanghai Gelato Championship, 2016 "Jinghong Cup" Star Hotel Table Art Display Competition, 2016 HOTELEX "The Rising Star" Chef Final, The Third "Wanrun Cup" Hotel Room Technical Skill Championship, 2016 "King Flower" The 3rd Shanghai Fashion Drinks Final Contest, 2016 the 5th China Master Bartender Competition, 2016 HOTELEX Hotel Uniform Show and 2016 IPA Match-making Meeting and "Mirror Award" Ceremony. The hospitality and catering industry's competitions and displays emerged one after another aiming to realize the diverse development of the industry through the creative and technical exchange formats. It is an exhibition that gathered the industry elites and showed the charm of the industry. HOTELEX will continue to grow and develop further events in the future.

Breaking the Traditional Pattern

The professional forums were focused on the industry leaders, which is the most crucial part of HOTELEX. In the exhibition, all the leaders were interacting with each other and discussing the current situation of the hospitality industry from all angles, sharing the industry trends and trading resources to each attendee. Some of the events included: 2016 Commercial Franchise Business Development Forum, 2016 IPA Matching-making Meeting, 2016 Hotel Rise of New Forces, Central Kitchen Construction and Development Forum, Alibaba Special Forum, 2016 the 1st China International Specialty Green Coffee Auction, Shanghai Architecture and Interior Design Week and 2016 Hotel Plus Hotel Mock-up Room Show. These forums were dedicated to building the  working relationship in the hospitality and catering industries and narrowing the distance between the suppliers and the buyers on the basis of cooperation and exchange. This will continue to grow and will improve the healthy development of the hospitality and catering industries.

2016 Hotel Plus Hotel Mockup Room Show
2016 Hotel Plus Hotel Mockup Room Show

HOTELEX invited the experienced experts to have a commercial trading discussion in order to get the proactive industry trends and market demands. The consecutive "Hotel Plus Mock-up Room Show" has become the weather vane of hospitality industry. This year the some hotel management and design companies such as Wyndham, Marriott, Shimao Group, China Lodging Group were repeat attendees displaying around 10 different and distinctive mock-up rooms onsite.

Four Series Expo, HOTELEX Scales New Height

Over the previous 25 years, HOTELEX series expo has growing into four shows out of one show annually. HOTELEX is ready for the future. With the resources from our four series shows (Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Beijing), geographically we will support each and share the resources to pursue the better interest for our exhibitors. The series shows will depend on the strong resources accumulated by the March Shanghai show and jointly make the promotion for the Beijing show in June, Chengdu show in July and Guangzhou show in December. This will facilitate the future shows. We will continue exhibiting with our professionalism and display our market value to our exhibitors and buyers before, during and after the exhibition. By means of O2O, selective divisions and media sharing, HOTELEX exhibitions and its brands will continue to exert influence all over China.

HOTELEX to Split into Two Editions in 2017: Endless Possibilities

We are at the center of the Hospitality and Catering Industry. Not only having the glorious past but also a brand new start. The success of this edition predicts the great start of the next journey. In 2017, HOTELEX staff will move forward and try to break our own records. HOTELEX will be separated into two editions, HOTELEX I will be held from 28th to 31st March in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center mainly focused on the catering equipment, tableware, hotel amenities and textile, fitness and leisure, appliances and Security, food and beverage, coffee and tea, bakery and ice cream, wine and spirits. From 26th to 28th April will hold the HOTELEX PLUS-Total Solution for Commercial Properties. This is an exhibition especially for public commercial space i.e.: The hotel, shopping mall, restaurants, administrative buildings and hospitals, and will provide a one-stop purchasing platform for them. It includes Architecture & Decoration, Engineering & Design, IT & Security, Furniture & Illumination, Soft-mounted & Light-fixture, Cleaning & Environmental Protection Productions, Artificial Intelligence & Leisure Products, and Service & Application Scheme. As the extending branch of HOTELEX I, HOTELEX PLUS will position on the procurement for the hotel and restaurant's light-fixtures. Deeply combined with HOTELEX I (Hotel Rooms, Catering Equipment, etc), it will become a super influential hospitality exhibition which scales out 400,000 SQM, 4,000 exhibitors and more than 200,000 buyers.

Starting from scratch and split into two editions, HOTELEX staff will move forward to create infinite possibilities. The outlook is bright, we are looking forward to seeing you in the next edition!

For More information please go to or scan the QR Code to stay tuned with us "HOTELEX SHANGHAI."

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