The Global Community of Innovation makes its Debut at the Hong Kong International Entrepreneurs Festival

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2015-12-07 09:29 5091

HONG KONG, Dec. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- VIPs from all over the world gathered at the inaugural Hong Kong International Entrepreneurs Festival from the 3rd to the 5th of December. As an important part of the event, the Subverter Forum, hosted by KuangChi Science Ltd, was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo on December 3rd, where the Global Community of Innovation (GCI) made its debut and, for the first time, announced what it foresees as the three major trends of the future and the social responsibilities that these trends imply. 

Executives of the GCI present at the Hong Kong International Entrepreneurs Festival
Executives of the GCI present at the Hong Kong International Entrepreneurs Festival

This community has a strong lineup, including Martin Jetpack, Solar Ship, Cloud, Near Space Traveller, HyalRoute Broadband, Super WiFi, Levitation Station, iPhoton, Zwipe and Parallel World, among several other firms. Senior executives from KuangChi, Martin Jetpack, Solar Ship and Zwipe delivered speeches at the forum.

KuangChi Science (stock code: 00439.HK) is dedicated to developing different types of highly disruptive space technologies and offering a full gamut of space exploration and logistics services. The aerospace firm has operations across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania and Africa and R&D facilities in Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Uganda and Burundi.

The GCI brings together innovators from all over the world and turns science fiction and human dreams into reality by delivering what is envisioned as the future to the world, according to Liu Ruopeng, Chairman of the Board of KuangChi Science.

Liu described the initial purpose of creating the CGI. He pointed out that innovation is what brings the future. The significance and value of innovation lie in not only inventing the future but also delivering the future. The teams that invent the future are global, the actions that deliver the future are global and the supplies and demands of the future are also global. It stands to reason, then, that the future itself is global and belongs to everyone on this planet. The future is not isolated, but rather the future is a holistic system formed from different aspects of itself. Connecting these aspects is the only way to deliver the future and change the world.

KuangChi believes that there are three trends leading to the future - Indepth Space, Spiritual Machines and Ultimate Connection. Liu explained, "Indepth Space means to develop and utilize multidimensional space to the fullest extent possible. Spiritual Machines means to invest machines with qualities of consciousness. And Ultimate Connection means to connect all information, logistics and energy supplies from all regions." The GCI is the vehicle through which KuangChi makes these trends become reality.

Liu also listed GCI's social responsibilities: to save human lives through the establishment of early warning systems that can alert affected populations of impending disasters and to enhance the ability of mankind to respond to a disaster; to provide safe and comfortable living conditions, to liberate man from toiling forms of labor and to enable each and every human being to have a sense of satisfaction about his or her livelihood; to inspire the next generation to be socially responsible human beings who seek to change the world for the better; and to eliminate extreme poverty by assuring areas with no natural resources of their own, remote areas, under-developed areas and areas prone to disaster of access to logistics, information and energy supplies.

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