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The World Gathers in Taiwan for the Global Talent Design Festival Uniting 21 Major Design Organizations across 5 Continents

2017-11-27 10:00

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Talent Design Festival (GTDF), organized jointly by the iSee Taiwan Foundation and Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation, is set for an exciting 2 days of activities from November 25th to 26th. Among these, the Global Talent Design Workshop is tailored to help young talent from Taiwan and elsewhere acquire the skills and insights necessary to assume future leadership in the global design community. Another much-anticipated activity is the Global Design Leadership Forum, which will bring GK Design Group CEO Kazuo Tanaka and Good Design Australia CEO Dr. Brandon Gien together onstage for a rare and candid discussion of their respective perspectives on good design and on global design trends. Additionally, GTDF will host the 1st World Summit of Design Organizations, attended by representatives from 21 design organizations from around the world. This includes domestic and overseas institutes of design as well as major figures in the international design sector. The organizers look forward to the vigorous discussions and ideas around the theme of "Innovative Leadership" It is hoped that the ideas generated at this summit will infuse new vitality into the sector and to give substantive support to the promotion and training of the next generation of design leaders.

The Global Design Leadership Forum is exceptionally fortunate to be bringing together both the CEO of GK Design Group, Japan's most established and largest comprehensive design company, Kazuo Tanaka and the CEO of Good Design Australia and former ICSID President Dr. Brandon Gien. To share how creative ideas and design perspectives, properly woven into the foundations of design, have the power to change the world decisively for the better. Over 700 design students, educators and designers have registered to attend the forum, underscoring the growing global impact of the GTDF and its success in promoting creative, skilled leadership for the future.

The GTDF has steadily gained momentum and visibility within the international design community, growing from 10 international design organizations in 2015, 15 in 2016 to 21 international design organizations this year. The agenda of this year's D21 Global Design Summit includes discussing the creation of a 5-continent, close-knit network that will not only provide a platform for ongoing dialogue and exchange. But will also integrate resources and talent across organizations, giving proactive, sustained support to the long-term development and promotion of exquisite services.

Echoing the 2017 GTDF theme "Innovative Leadership x iSee Future", the framework for the GTDF's Global Talent Design Workshop on November 25th will be: "Something we can do for the future". The workshop will bring international design organization representatives together with the 2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) award winners. The winners will listen, discuss, and share expertise in an activity that is finely tuned to infuse the core concepts of "Innovative Leadership x iSee Future" into students' design thinking. This workshop will be highly culturally diverse, with 56% of attendees coming from outside of Taiwan, thus giving Taiwanese design students an exceptional opportunity to interact and share with their international peers and to significantly enhance the competitiveness of young design talent.

Alice Chang
Office: +886 2 7745 1574
Mobile: +886 912 205 267

Source: iSee Taiwan Foundation

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