To Develop Closer Cooperation of Resources, L'AVION International Signed the Cooperation Agreement with Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand

2017-12-25 17:43 1090

BEIJING, Dec. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- This December, with the signing of cooperation agreement, L'AVION International and Bumrungrad International Hospital (BIH) in Thailand developed into formal cooperation partners. Both parties would integrate the advantageous resources to boost the cooperation into a new stage.

Hospital Building of Bumrungrad International Hospital
Hospital Building of Bumrungrad International Hospital

With the support of the Royalty and the government as well as the sound and mature regulatory system and the unique travel culture resources, Thailand has become one of the best health travel destinations in the world, attracting people who want to be healthier all over the world.

BIH is the first international hospital with JCI authentication in Asia, and its medical and building safety complies with the U.S. standards. With 1,200+ doctors, 900+ nurses and 4,800+ employees, BIH accommodates more than 11 million patients each year. BIH receives almost a half million overseas patients from more than 190 countries. And this number is the highest in the world. The hospital has very rich experience in overseas patients' reception, and has set a medical affairs office to provide all kinds of services for the international patients.

The hormone remodeling travel in Thailand, cooperated by L'AVION International and BIH, was developed by Dr. Pansak, the pioneer of climacteric field in Thailand. Adopting reasonable hormone balance treatment, through the comprehensive detection, Dr. Pansak customized the adjustment therapy for every single customer. With the biologic hormone, the treatment can help relieve the dysphoria and depression during climacteric period, improve the immune system, sleeping and skin conditions, delay the climacterium and help reduce the risks of hypertension, coronary disease, hyperostosis, cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, arthrophlogosis and other diseases.

After signing the formal cooperation agreement, both parties exchange many resources besides the further cooperation of the hormone remodeling travel project. L'AVION International has formally become the referring organization of BIH, and BIH would provide office reception at the airport, special shuttle bus between the airport and the hospital, preferred-doctor choosing service and other services.

"L'AVION International is always looking for the best health and travel resources, and dedicates to bringing the cutting-edge, safe and valid anti-aging technologies in the world to Chinese customers." Mrs. Chong, CEO of L'AVION International said, "We highly expect to establish closer cooperation relationship with Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand. Additionally, we will lay a solid foundation of overseas health travel for customers of L'AVION."

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Source: L’Avion International