Together again; Samsung's Ultimate Models with built-in Camera360 filters

CHENGDU, China, May 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Samsung has confirmed that it will use a built-in Camera360 Lomo-memory filter for all its upcoming ultimate model launches. This is the second time Samsung has teamed up with Camera360 on built-in filters; in early 2016, Samsung had two Camera360 filters built-in in advance for its ultimate models, including the S7. This time, Samsung is once again using Camera360's Lomo-memory filter to be built-in for their new models in the first half of 2017; including the S7, A3/A5/A7. The Camera360 team is unparalleled when it comes to the in-depth details and excellence regarding their filter technology; so it comes as no surprise that Samsung would choose Camera360 once again as its filter partner.

According to reports, the newly added filters are: Lomo-memory, Sweet, Gold and Light. Lomo-memory has adjusted contrast, so that the overall photo color will be adjusted to the cooler side, instantly displaying a cold temperament when shooting people; this is all done with no need for post-editing. Additionally, the Japanese style Sweet filter, vintage imitation Gold filter, and the gentle softness of Light filter; will all be available on the Samsung Store. Users can download these three filters to help make their photos more delicate and fine.

As one of the most successful Chinese Apps that have gone abroad, Camera360 currently has more than 700 million users. It has one of the world's largest mobile photography communities, with 200 million photos created on a daily basis, and 2000 photos taken every second with Camera360 globally. Striving to continually improve its technology, the Camera360 team launched "MIX", a professional image editing app that not only received standing ovations from users, but recognition as well from many photography experts. In 2016, it introduced a new generation of in-depth machine learning in China based on the AI paint engine "POKER". In the world of mobile imaging, Camera360 has partnered up with many top manufacturers in multiple industries. Its mission is to "let the world enjoy simpler mobile imaging services". With its strong tech development and capabilities, it was named by Google as a "Global Leader in Development", and awarded "2016 App of the Year" on the Google Play Store in many countries and regions; it also maintained its position in 2015 and 2016 as "App of the Year" on the Apple Store.

Currently, Samsung has decided to use another app developed by the Camera360 team, Bestie, to be built-in to all their demonstration devices in global retail stores; users can try out the actual shooting effects in retail stores near them. Sources say that the new Samsung S7 will be launched in the second quarter of 2017; users will then be able to experience the joy and creativity brought to them by these new Camera360 filters.

Source: Camera360