Trendsgal Takes A Twist At Fashion E-Commerce with Wholesale Prices and drop-shipping

Trendy Fashion Has Never Been Easier and More Affordable to Get with Trendsgal
2016-08-26 17:00 2173

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend setters and those looking for contemporary products look no further than Trendsgal, which is a sister site of Rosewholesale and NastyDress. The company offers trendy clothing and accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, health products, and more. Trendsgal launched as an alternative to the typical name brand department stores. Trendsgal works differently than other retailers because of its ability to offer wholesale prices and the ability to drop-ship products directly to customers. This creates cheaper prices, faster shipping, and a direct line for customers to communicate with.

Trendsgal is unlike other companies as it works directly with manufacturers and customers. There is no other party involved. Trendsgal negotiates affordable bulk rates with manufacturers which are then passed to customers. To further reduce costs Trendsgal manufacturers drop-ship the products directly to customers. This reduces shipping costs to middlemen and the prices can be cut even further.

Businesses also find Trendsgal a good partner to work with because of the company's connection to manufacturers. Companies looking to stock high quality and affordable inventory should turn to Trendsgal. Businesses partners who get the VIP special drop-shipping title will be able to sell Trendsgal products on their sites and will get exact product information to display. Dropshipping clients will just need to maintain their websites and Trendsgal will worry about the logistics and shipping. This is a risk-free way to bring capital into a business.

Trendsgal is committed to providing a secure website for customers to shop at. Security software is always being updated to the latest versions. Customers should feel confident in knowing that their purchase information and card numbers are being kept confidential.

Major countries can expect to see products shipped within 3 days and that the products shipped will be delivered quickly. Trendsgal partners with the top logistic and shipping companies to allow a smooth and fast transaction.

Customers who have any questions or concerns before or after sale can get in contact with Trendsgal online. The site hosts a 24 hours, 7 days a week chat. The company is always looking to hear back from customers. All feedback is recorded and sent to Trendsgal executives for further evaluation. Customer feedback is crucial for Trendsgal to adapt and change with the times.

Source: Trendsgal