Twinkledeals Adds Priority-Based Faster Shipping Options for Its App Users

Buyers of Twinkeldeals can now choose from different shipping options by using the ecommerce app.
2016-09-27 20:36 2856

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Twinkledeals has introduced priority direct shipping for its Smartphone app users. This comes as a response to the feedback from many of their buyers who complained that shipments were taking a month to arrive. Twinkledeals has recently apologized to their buyer community for the inconvenience caused and has introduced priority based direct shipping for their app users.

The e-commerce store had express shipping options earlier, but that method was not really cost-effective for their buyers and was somewhat counterproductive to their goal of selling fashion apparel at cheaper prices. As a countermeasure, Twinkledeals has now introduced priority direct email, which is an all-new logistics option that offers their customers the liberty to choose express shipping at a price a little higher than the standard shipping price.

The priority based faster shipping option was first introduced for their desktop users, Twinkledeal owners said. "We wanted to test the new method on desktops to eliminate bugs. This left our mobile users waiting for the shipping method to be available on their mobile devices. We are proud to announce that the desktop-only method has passed the bug testing phase and the Smartphone app has been updated by our tech team. Now, priority direct email can be availed by every user, regardless of the device they are using. We want to reassure our mobile app users that they can now simply log in to their mobile app to get fast shipping at affordable prices," said a top executive of Twinkledeals.

Twinkledeals has climbed up the ranks of e-commerce sites that cater to fashionable buyers who always look for latest trends in apparel, footwear and accessories. The company is backed by a large and growing base of patrons and aims to make their products more accessible to people the world over.

"At present, Priority Direct Shipping is available all across the globe and in all major countries. The regions we serve include Saudi Arabia, Australia, UAE, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK and the US. We will also update the app for other regions that are still not on our list," added the executive. He added that their two sister companies, Nastydress and DressLily, sell almost the same products.

Source: Twinkledeals