Wang Zhuo, Former GM of Shanghai Jahwa, Joins DR PLANT To Build the NO.1 Cosmetics Brand In China with Fosun

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SHANGHAI, May 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Wang Zhuo, Former GM of Shanghai Jahwa, made his first comeback appearance with Tang Bin, President of Fosun Capital, and Xie Yong, founder of DR PLANT, in a forum at Fudan University, declaring that the two companies had signed a formal agreement on strategic cooperation in cross-border integration and post-investment management.

DR PLANT to build the NO.1 cosmetics brand in China
DR PLANT to build the NO.1 cosmetics brand in China

Building the NO.1 cosmetics brand in China

Wang joins in DR PLANT as a strategic investor. DR PLANT has over 2,200 single-brand stores. The past five years have seen a 50% increase in sales.

Wang was courted by many cosmetics companies last year, "but I found painful points after each visit, including inactive mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Incubators have been established everywhere, but only offices and tax deduction & exemption were provided, with little help to brands, channels and marketing. I would help enterprises start their business," Wang said. "The capacity and personality of leaders is the key criterion when selecting enterprises. Leaders must have vision and ambition."

Founded in 1994, DR PLANT is a leading single-brand skin-care company in China. Xie disclosed that a global concept store will be established in Shanghai Tower. "We will cooperate with our financiers on the integration of overseas resources and international brand acquisition."

Building an industrial chain with innovative genes

DR PLANT has been well-known for its lack of discounts, advertisement, and star endorsements. However, DR PLANT engaged Mark Zhao to be its Chief Experience Officer and Sunlight Ambassador last year. "Mark would experience products from DR PLANT and find problems." Xie believes that fans trust the products that Mark experiences and gives to Gao Yuanyuan. "We will communicate with first market consumers in this way."

Facing the upgrading of first-tier cities and consumers, Xie decided to make innovation in R&D and product core competitiveness. DR PLANT is investing 50 million yuan in R&D every year, accounting for 5% of total sales. DR PLANT has a germplasm repository and an alpine plant plantation in Lijiang, Yunan Province and partners with CAS, while constructing the most advanced and open "transparent factory" in China.

Wang said that a centralized knowledge center and marketing support system will be established to help DR PLANT promote brand value and integrate cross-border resources via a sharing economy and platform.

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