With 20148 Groups of Real Estate Recognition over 10 Days, The Evergrande Sea Flower Island Has Set a Record

2015-12-11 11:01 3828

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a report from CRIC research center, by 10:00 a.m. On December 10, the recognition of Sea Flower Island, which is a huge comprehensive tourism vacation project built by Evergrande with 160 billion yuan, has exceeded 20,000 groups, that is, 20148 groups, more than 40,000 in population. This sets its highest record in the industry, which draws highly attention from all sides. This is an original report from Sina Leju.

According to the report, the Sea Flower Island has ranked the first place on by raising more than 20,000 groups of recognition in just 10 days, which is even more than the total of the second, third and fourth place. The second place is Evergrande Sea Venice, the third place is Zhonghai Huashanlong Garden and the fourth place is Flower Orchard. Their recognition are respectively 7,800 groups, 7,000 groups and 5,000 group.

The reporter learned that the Sea Island will start to raise money since the 19th of this month, with an opening quotation on 28th. According to the current strong momentum, the accumulative total recognition is expected to be more than 50,000 groups, with a population of over 100,000, which also refreshes the record in the industry. Population of the recognition is so large, so Evergrande will follow the principle of "Those making recognition first will receive house first".

This partial way for house releasing can ensure customers' choosing and buying in order.

According to the report from CRIC, high quantities of recognition means that the project will achieve good sales performance. Such a big amount of recognition o fthe Sea Flower Island means that there is a large probability that opening quotation will also refresh the record, which will become a world miracle in the fields ofcultural tourism projects.

An insider says: "we can see that high recognition projects mainly come from large enterprises like Evergrande. Their strong brand strength, high quality product and in-place marketing strategy are the main reasons of the projects becoming popular. "The Sea Flower Island has set three records by the most recognition amount, largest recognition population and highest expected opening quotation, "Evergrande is significantly superior compared to other companies in the ranking list".

The Flower Sea Island is the world-class level and century-level cultural tourism projects built by Evergrande in Hainan, with the covering area of the total project to be 8 square kilometers. It's integrated with tourism, culture, conference, exhibition and business, It has 28 sorts of service businesses, such as the world's biggest hotel group, and it will become a cultural tourism attractions which worldwide people would like to visit.

Source: Sina Leju