A recommended stop for any Korea tours: Majang Meat Market, a paradise for Korean beef enthusiasts

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  • A "paradise of Korean beef," with everything from rib eye to special cuts
  • Relatively affordable prices for excellent quality meat, a required stop when visiting Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- No trip to Korea is complete without trying some Korean beef (Hanwoo). Unlike other kinds of beef, Korean beef is a premium-grade meat known for its rich fragrance and soft texture. However, many people shy away from Korean beef due to its relatively steep price. The perfect place for people who want to try Korean beef without breaking the bank is Majang Meat Market. Hanwooboard recommends the market for tourists due to its easy accessibility to public transportation and friendly atmosphere.

Majang Meat Market
Majang Meat Market

Located in Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Majang Meat Market is a traditional market that specializes in livestock products. As its name suggests, the large market almost exclusively sells meat. The Korean beef sold at Majang-dong is widely recognized for its high quality and reasonable prices, which is why the market is visited by over two million people a year and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

Majang Meat Market sells Korean beef that is delivered on an hourly basis from livestock farms nationwide. The price and place of origin are required by law to be listed for each item, and prices are 20 to 30 percent cheaper than similar products sold by retailers. Only authentic products may be sold at the market, and they are sold at fixed quantities and prices. The market also holds a wide range of events (free taste tests, etc.) on a regular basis.

Majang Meat Market not only sells Korean beef but also provides various types of meat processing services (e.g., deboning), allowing customers to buy rare special cuts that are produced in only very small quantities per cow, which is one of the special attractions of the market. Virtually every imaginable cut of Korean beef is available, including thin skirt, beef attached to the spleen, neck chain, and rib eye as well as various grades of meat (1+, 1++, etc.).

The market also has its own meokja golmok (food street), which consists of approximately 20 restaurants. Here, customers can enjoy as much high-quality, reasonably priced Korean beef as they want in a clean, spacious environment. Each restaurant features a "corkage-free" service for customers who bring their own wine or types of liquor. Majang Meat Market can be accessed through Majang Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) or Yongdu Station (Subway Line 2).

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