aT Introduced Korea's 'Functional Rice' that Became Real Food to Meet the World Market

- The method to take care of your health without any medications, the functional rice!
- Relieving anxiety, controlling blood sugar, preventing dementia, and proving diverse effects!
- Food buyers around the world, sudden increase of functional rice consumption! High satisfaction towards the nutrition, taste and flavor
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SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.) introduced Korea's functional rice on arirang TV in 1st of October. aT is a professional association to satisfy overseas customers's expectation on Korean agricultural products.

The method to take care of your health without any medications, the functional rice!
The method to take care of your health without any medications, the functional rice!

Germany's philosopher, Ludwig Feuerbach, said, "What you eat, what you are". It means that the 'food' affects significant influence to people's life, and that it also could replace those people. Currently in 2017, the general food buyers contracts the news on 'bad food' frequently through TV, internet and various medias.

Beyond the one-dimensional food concept that has fulfilled only its stomach, the whole world is paying attention to foods that can catch two rabbits of taste and health. As for the super food, that charges energy and increase the immunity, blueberries, chestnuts, salmon, broccoli, tomatoes, paprika and spinach have been well known.

Recently, there has been a renewed rise in the number of food items that are becoming more and more popular with superb food such as 'super food,' 'well-being food,' and 'real food.' It is the 'Functional rice' that is being produced in Korea. This functional rice mans whether it contains multiple times nutrition of existing rice or is the food that contains the nutrition that wasn't in the rice. Korean farmers, research institutes, and other stakeholders are constantly researching rice and developing and launching a variety of varieties.

Functional rice, which has undergone a process of sincerity, is not raised only at the table of Korea's own people. With increasing interest in 'health food' around the world, it is distributing Korean rice in various countries. It has become common to shop for functional rice offline or through online channels through word of mouth in Korean ethnic as well as ethnic communities.

There are as many different types of rice distributed in the Korean Mart in California. Among them, "GABA RICE" has gained popularity in the American community through word of mouth and is receiving high popularity among consumers. In the case of GABA rice, it is cultivated with the 'Pond-snail Farming Method', which is developed by Uesung in Gyeongbuk, Korea, and is named as environmentally friendly organic rice. Especially, 'GABA RICE' contains a lot of GABA ingredients.

GABA is an abbreviation for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. This material is deeply related to 'stability'. By increasing the oxygen supply of the brain, it promotes brain cell metabolism function and performs functions such as nerve stability, relaxation of anxiety, relieving anxiety. In addition to improving memory, blood pressure control, blood sugar control, prevention of dementia, and also has the efficacy of diet. Although the common rice gruel contains GABA, the GABA rice is 8 times more GABA than brown rice.

In particular, it is interesting to note that when the rice is cooked enough in water, the content of the GABA is further increased. After soaking in water, it increases 8 times in 12 hours, and 15 times in 36 hours. During the germination of rice, a lipid component that stabilizes insulin secretion is generated, nutrients are maximized, and the texture even better.

In addition to 'GABA RICE', functional rice in Korea is made up of local specialties such as rice, green tea, kelp rice, and shoji rice. These foods are a mixture of rice flour and related functional foods. They are able to ingest the nutritional ingredients of the special products themselves while maintaining the nutrition and texture of rice. In addition to this, functional rice of various varieties is commercialized and circulated in Korea, so that any consumer can choose healthy rice by choosing the rice they want.

Rice made from functional rice is superior in nutrition, texture and flavor and can produce various recipes. In the conventional traditional rice culture, it has been passed down like a traditional Korean dish, but it has developed into a culture that takes 'taste' and 'fun' as a distinctive recipe in modern times.

As functional rice becomes more and more popular, consumption and export volume of functional rice are increasing every year and it is remarkable that it is active in the world, especially in the US niche market. Food industry officials are paying attention to the continued growth of functional rice. The world's real food, 'functional rice' is the focus of attention.

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