AirCUVE Introduces FIDO UAF Technology to 2Factor Authentication in Southeast Asian Markets

2018-12-04 18:14 1407

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As personal information leakage accidents increase every year, a basic authentication with just ID/PW is no longer safe any more. In light of this, AirCUVE has introduced the FIDO UAF ("Fast IDentity Online Universal Authentication Framework") technology version 1.0 to 2Factor authentication by adopting two types of certificates, Android Client and Authentication Combo. In September and October 2018, AirCUVE has organized the AirCUVE Solution Day in the Philippines and Vietnam, inviting banking and public services experts to its solution seminars. The event has covered on the topic Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), where the company has included references in the Japanese market through its Japanese local distributors such as BridgeAZ and SI corporate Ashisuto.

AirCUVE Solution Day in the Philippines
AirCUVE Solution Day in the Philippines

The AirCUVE 2Factor authentication solution is an intelligent and consolidated authentication platform. It can be deployed to access various network systems and devices such as VPN device, server access control system, account management system, VDI, Web server, or network device. Users can select the suitable authentication tokens for several application service nodes in various industries, such as finance, public utilities, etc. The tokens for 2Factor authentication cover SMS OTP, E-Mail OTP,  Mobile OTP, HW Token (Card Type), QR Code, App Push, YubiKey and FIDO.

Over the past 16 years, AirCUVE has been specializing in authentication software development, and has developed 910 various references from bank, corporate, community, telecommunication, school, military, hospital, etc. With accumulated technical skills gained from serving various customers, AirCUVE has won several overseas authentication contracts from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), the Eastern Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. and the Philippine Airlines (PAL) in 2018. 

According to GS AHN, EVP of AirCUVE, "We keep developing authentication oriented security technology of the next generation and we introduce cloud security authentication platform service as well. Our target is to provide a consolidated authentication platform combining WiFi authentication security solution and 2Factor enhanced authentication solution which could be used anytime in various infra and work environment, such as wired network, wireless network, smart mobile office, financial transactions, VPN, VDI and web portals. In 2019, we plan to focus on developing global market partners for Asian countries, including Japan."

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