Bellagraph Nova Group Presents a Retrospective of Evangeline Shen

Is it purely coincidental or simply a transition following its natural course as a result of the world of finance, luxury, healthcare, medical, and robots colliding?
2020-07-03 16:39 1858

PARIS, July 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- From her original vision with her luxury Paris-designed, high-end Jewelry house, Evangeline Shen has come a long way with now regional headquarters in major hubs such as France, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Whilst exploring and expanding her interests in opening Asia's largest and most luxurious Anti-Aging Hospital at the prestigious Bvlgari Hotel in Shanghai, Shen grew her conviction that everyone should have access to safe medical aesthetics. Little did she know, her objective was being brought to reality at an unexpected rate.

Evangeline Shen, known as "Eva", is a true representation of the new generation of women through her vision, her impactful approach to the well-being of all humankind, as well as her global presence.

Graduating from the prestigious Fudan University School of Law in Shanghai, China, Eva ventured out on a promising career in Law and became the youngest ever Senior Partner at one of Asia's top leading law firms, Jinmao LLP, at the age of 25. Ambition is not something she lacks, thus she put herself up to another task, challenging herself into a new business sector of investment banking with UBS and Morgan Stanley, a universe predominantly lead by men, where she acquired and maintained a senior management role.

Following her tenacious years of perseverance, Eva recently joined a landmark merger with Singapore based DORR Group resulting in Bellagraph Nova (BN) Group, a well established multinational company that is now one of the world's fastest growing, 360 lifestyle platforms with business activities across various industries such as Luxury, Consumer Lifestyle, Financial services and Real Estate.

Being disruptive with any field she is involved in, Eva marks her entrance in the online consumer space where her well-known subsidiary Bellagraph Jewelry is most notably famed for holding the world's highest ever recorded online single sale transaction of US$102 million (across all product categories globally) at the very early stage of her journey.

Insightful, entrepreneurial and goal-oriented businesswoman, Eva is moving forward and under her wings, leading a brand-new direction towards a promising and exponential growth of consumer products and services with the Bellagraph Nova Group for the medical, technological and robotic business.

As the only woman amongst her business partners, her co-founders unquestionably appointed Eva as Chairwoman amongst the most accomplished and competent experts in her industry due to her very unique threads of ambition, coming together to weave a revolutionary, finer, and higher quality of her business approach and results.

One may think it`s perhaps presumed she perhaps unintentionally found herself in this position; however, Eva's professional career stands today to validate her status quo of a trailblazer wanting nothing else but to provide new solutions, to better navigate around the world through her endeavors with the support of her experienced international team of Bellagraph Nova Group.

About Bellagraph Nova Group

Sustainability, diversity and ethics, constitute the cornerstone of BN Group's model and compliance policy for its executives, employees and stakeholders. Our emblem is the butterfly, the symbol par excellence of endurance and perennial metamorphosis.

The Group is headquartered in the famous 10 Place Vendôme in Paris, France.

Source: Bellagraph Nova Group