Better City, Better Life -- Launch of the 2019 Cross City World Tour Tangshan

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TANGSHAN, China, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 3,000 citizens from the ages of 4 to 60 took part in Cross City World Tour Tangshan on Oct 27. Divided into 6,00 teams, the participants had to complete various tasks along one of the 10 routes by walking or taking public transport.

2019 Cross City World Tour Tangshan Opening Ceremony
2019 Cross City World Tour Tangshan Opening Ceremony

Cross City World Tour originated from World Cities Day. The competition was first held in Xiamen in 2016.

Cross City World Tour was a treasure hunt in the city. Each team was made up of five members, one of whom must be of the opposite gender. Each route is connected with five coordinates. The team members had to collaborate and compete using their brains, physical strength and creativity while they search the coordinates and complete the tasks. The final ranking were based on the time it takes to complete the tasks

Participants enjoyed themselves in the series of tasks such as putting on firefighting gear, kart racing and puzzles. Many enterprises used this competition to build up their teams.

Better city, better life

The competition was targeted at the general public, especially young people. It emphasized participation, teamwork, commonweal and interaction. The different routes helped participants to learn about Xiamen from different perspectives, and better learn about the beauty and spirits of the city.

In the past years since its launch, the event has won lots of support from hundreds of organizations in the city. Every year, many companies apply to be the coordinates. Like a marathon, city orienteering challenge leave playground and into the city. A marathon is a race of 42.195 kilometers while a city orienteering challenge has many different coordinates so as to offer better experience to the participants with consolidated urban resources. The city orienteering challenge is replicable and can create many business models based on this platform with so strong functionality. Tangshan is the second stop for this season.

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