CTCI MAC Aims for the Top in Pressure Equipment Quality with Triple Certifications

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KAOHSIUNG, , Jan. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) has become the first pressure equipment and steel structure manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain all three PED (EU Pressure Equipment Directive), EN 1090 (EU Steel Structure Certification), and ISO 3834 (Welding Quality Management System Certification) certifications at once. CTCI MAC's simultaneous certification for all three standards with the help of TUV Rheinland represents an important milestone, as it is now the first pressure equipment maker in Taiwan capable of meeting both European and US regulations. The certifications provide demanding customers with convincing proof of quality, be it for the underwater base structures of offshore wind turbines in Taiwan or the exporting of pressure equipment.

CTCI MAC Aims for the Top in Pressure Equipment Quality with Triple Certifications
CTCI MAC Aims for the Top in Pressure Equipment Quality with Triple Certifications

CTCI Machinery Corp., a subsidiary of the CTCI Group, was previously the Kaohsiung machinery plant of CTCI Corp. Customers included the CPC Corporation, Formosa Plastics, Taipower, and China Steel. Its business portfolio includes the fabrication and installation of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, condensers, ovens, large fuel tanks, and boilers for power stations and chemical plants. Prior to its triple certification, CTCI MAC had already been certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and authorized to use US certification marks for nuclear power (N, NPT, NA, NS) as well as pressure vessels, boilers, and power pipelines (U, U2, S, PP). It is also authorized by the USA's National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to use the R mark. CTCI MAC has therefore always been the technology leader in related fields in Taiwan.

At present, most of the pressure equipment makers in Taiwan focus on US ASME certification. CTCI MAC taking the lead in applying for certification under the EU's Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) reflects the company's determination to move into the international market and improve its quality standards. In the past, most PED certifications were for valve makers and for pipeline and fitting manufacturers. Pressure equipment is usually used in high-risk applications, so PED certification is equivalent to a guarantee of factory quality. Though it is an EU directive, it is not only accepted in the European market.

In addition to PED, Taiwan is now actively moving ahead on green energy. Great importance has been attached to localization and domestic production in wind power policy, with an emphasis on cultivating local industries; many wind power projects require contractors to have EN 1090 and ISO 3834 certification as proof of their standards in welding quality management. The difficulty of constructing offshore wind power farms means that there are strict requirements in regard to the durability of offshore sea turbines as well as their resistance to fracture, corrosion, and brittleness. Insurance companies often require businesses to provide relevant testing or inspection reports as a condition of underwriting. The TUV Rheinland Group has issued nearly a thousand ISO 3834 certifications around the world, and is the only certification body in Taiwan with actual ISO 3834 certification experience. Companies looking to enter the wind power market can apply for both ISO 3834 and EN 1090 certification together as part of their preparations. 

Seeking to take advantage of government policies and international trends, CTCI MAC has set its sights on the European market and business opportunities from the domestic manufacturing of wind turbine components. Obtaining related EU certification will not only improve its basic manufacturing quality, but will also equip the company to achieve compliance with both US and EU standards. This will in turn open doors to different markets and industries, making CTCI MAC the new benchmark for quality in the marketing of pressure equipment and steel structures from Taiwan.

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Source: TUV Rheinland