D+29 Launches on Korea GSL Bio's Online Store to Provide "30 Seconds of Natural Cleansing"

2019-10-21 08:39 459

JEJU, South Korea, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- D+29, a Korean beauty brand, recently launched its natural mineral soap lines on Manufactured by Korea GSL Bio, the new soap incorporates many of the natural cosmetic beauty trends of 2019, combining natural, fermented ingredients with the latest biotechnology.

"Our skin has an average 28-day-regeneration life cycle, from the creation of skin cells to their dying. Therefore, D+29 focuses on natural beauty from the start of the cycle," said a spokesperson for D+29. "30 seconds of using the mineral soap removes dead skin cells and build-up in pores, keeping skin clear and healthy throughout the year by helping the skin absorb natural nutrients."

Among several lines of D+29 products, Mineral Lacto Cleansing Soap Premium Black is a remarkable natural cleansing product. Mineral Lacto Cleansing Soap Premium Black has 60 natural minerals and natural extracted lactobacillus, which helps to strengthen the skin's outer layer. This 3-in-1 care product also helps remove makeup and dead skin cells as well as reduce pore size.

The brand representative of D+29 says they will gradually expand distribution channels, entering department stores, duty free shops, and hotels which cater to clientele seeking natural products.

Source: D+29