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Dato' Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung Announced a Breakthrough Sustainable Green Energy Solution of Producing Hydrogen Fuel from Atmospheric Water

2018-10-30 20:04

HONG KONG, Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dato' Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung , founder of International Scalar Wave Quantum Institute, also international steering committee member of High-Level International Conference on UN Water Action Decade, has announced an innovative solution for hydrogen production by electrolysis of Atmospheric Water, a Zero-pollution Hydrogen Fuel Sustainable Green Energy Solution. This is a significant milestone for industrial development and applications of atmospheric water generation reaching the new energy sector.

Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, announced a Breakthrough Sustainable Green Energy Solution of Producing Hydrogen Fuel from Atmospheric Water
Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, announced a Breakthrough Sustainable Green Energy Solution of Producing Hydrogen Fuel from Atmospheric Water

Dato' Sri Prof. Ng, suggests that combining air water technology makes hydrogen fuel a truly sustainable green power. Popularity of hydrogen fuel cell applications would be a global trend. Water resources as a raw material of hydrogen production would increase the global demand on water resources. The world is facing challenges of emerging water scarcity and serious pollution. When surface waters were irreversibly affected by climate change and groundwaters were depleted, getting adequate water to produce hydrogen as hydrogen fuel would be a challenge. Atmospheric water generation technology could play a key role in the provision of sustainable, reliable and innovative water resources to ensure the water supply for hydrogen production. Mobile atmospheric water plants can provide water resources anytime and anywhere. Integration of Atmospheric Water and hydrogen fuel cells for sustainable hydrogen power generation provides a truly sustainable water and clean power solution.

The research team of Dato' Sri Prof. Ng said that the successful development of its scalar wave quantum implanting technology has opened the door to practical quantum physics applications for the world. The super metals processed by the technology have been verified to have a quantum state of wave-particle duality, which effectively enhance the potential application efficiency of commonly used rare metals such as platinum, rhenium, ruthenium and palladium, namely Zeus Super-metal series which can be used to break through the power efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells. The use of Zeus super-metals with a surge in performance in catalytic converters to replace the noble metal of ordinary performance can effectively improve the overall performance of the vehicle, i.e. power and endurance, which is conducive to the popularization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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Source: International Scalar Wave Quantum Institute
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