Energy beverage "Royal battle bull" excited the Europe

MADRID, May 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Currently, the "Royal battle bull" becomes the most popular energy beverage in the Europe, consumers are excited by this drink which was generated by Spanish royal bullfighting culture.

The "Royal battle bull" brand is licensed by the Spanish Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd., and registered in the United Kingdom. The typical Spanish Cultural elements contribute its unique and innovative design.

The test data of the "Royal battle bull" shows that this is a real energy beverage: the international standard of sorbic acid potassium salt is ≦ 0.5 (g/kg), this product contains 0.179; the international standard of acesulfame is ≦ 0.3 ( g/kg), This product contains 0.083; International Standard of Aspartame ≦ 0.6 (g/kg), This product contains 0.0938; International Standard of Tatrazine  of  ≦ 0.1 (g/kg), This product contains 0.0065; The international standard of allura red ≦ 0.1 (g/kg), this product contains 0.00091. In addition, the rest indexes, which include nutrition, energy, health, natural, pollution-free, are higher than the international standards. Moreover, The international standard for net content of beverage is 236 ML, this product achieves 246.3 ML.

Nowadays, "Royal battle bull" is not only having fans in the Europe, it has already attracted the local consumers after being introduced into China. Its design won the China National Design Patent Certificate and the most innovative brand award. Chinese franchisers said that "Royal battle bull" will lead the Chinese energy beverage market with the high quality.

Source: Spanish Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd.