Enjoy the unique Sand Bath and the Best Wagyu Beef in Japan, staying at Ibusuki Royal Hotel with warm hospitality and stunning ocean views in a renewed atmosphere

The cozy and family operated Ibusuki Royal Hotel has completed its renovation works to improve the level of comfort and attract a wider range of tourists from around the world with proactive actions like the creation of a multilingual website, Wi-Fi access in all facilities, etc. (
Ibusuki Royal Hotel
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IBUSUKI, Japan, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- July 2019, Ibusuki Royal Hotel has completed its renovation works in the front desk, lobby area, all the room's bathrooms, and the air conditioning system, which considerably increases the level of comfort and convenience for guests.

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Ibusuki city is located on the southern tip of Kyushu, the most southwestern of Japan's four main islands and famous for its unique natural Sand Bath known as "Sunamushi Onsen". There is a free shuttle service from the hotel to the Sand Bath.

According to Ibusuki city Tourism Statistics 2017, the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 (approximately 220 km away from Ibusuki) that damaged the transportation network, caused a considerable drop in the number of visitors to the area. The Ibusuki Royal hotel was no exception and struggled during this hard time. Yuri Hosokawa, the President & Chief Executive Officer of Ibusuki Royal Hotel, initiated various actions, including these renovation works, to increase the numbers of guests to previous levels.

The 24.3% increase on the number of foreign tourists in 2017 as compared to the previous year has also helped the hotel recover dramatically. This was achieved mainly thanks to the LCCs launch from Hong Kong and Korea to Kagoshima airport. The top 5 visitors in 2017 were: 1. Hong Kong, 2. Taiwan, 3. Korea, 4. Mainland China, 5. Singapore.

Ibusuki Royal Hotel offers some unique experiences that have attracted a wide range of tourists. The traditional "Sand Bath" consists of covering the body with heated sand by a natural hot water spring that flows under the beach. The Sand Baths have been shown to have positive effects on the human body. The hotel's restaurant serves "The Best Wagyu in Japan", the locally produced Kagoshima Wagyu, ranked at the top at the 11th National Japanese Beef Ability Expo also known as the Wagyu Olympics in September 2017. Guests can enjoy the "open-air hot spring bath" with breathtaking ocean views or the bright stars at night, where guests can relax and even expect a moisturizing effect on their skin.

"We always welcome guests taking care of their individual preferences, regardless of their nationalities. All staff members share the lessons received from their interactions with guests and from their own findings from their daily work." affirms Yuri Hosokawa, Ibusuki President & Chief Executive Officer, Ibusuki Royal Hotel. "After experiencing hard times, our new stage has just begun. These renovation works were one of our new actions."

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About Ibusuki Royal Hotel

Ibusuki Royal Hotel was established by Yoshiro Arimura in 1973 as a unique western-style hotel with a tropical atmosphere to attract more visitors to Ibusuki. After Yoshiro's passing, his vision was taken over by his family. The current president Yuri Hosokawa (his niece) is energetically taking actions to attract an even wider variety of guests from all over the world. The hotel is located at Ibusuki, on the southern tip of Kyushu, the most southwestern of Japan's four main islands. The guests can enjoy the unique Sand Bath, the Best Wagyu in Japan, and stunning ocean views in a cozy family-operated hotel.

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