FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2018 Propels TCL into the Future

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TENERIFE, Spain, Sept. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2018, the highest-level basketball event in the world, has entered its final stage. Called the "FIBA Women's Basketball World Championship" prior to being renamed in 2018, the event has attracted attention from 148 countries in the world. More than 100 TV stations broadcast the event, drawing 100 million viewers across the globe. This year, TCL is a global partner of the event.

Since September 22, a total of 16 top national teams – including the United States, Spain, China, Canada, and Nigeria – have presented a spectacle for basketball fans around the world on the island of Tenerife, Spain.

Just like the fierce contest among women's basketball players from various continents, the advertising competition on the courtside provides another stage for the sponsors of this tournament. As the global partner of the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2018, TCL's slogan on the courtside LED screens is "TCL GLOBAL TOP 3 TV BRAND". Coupled with product ads with a unified texture and style, TCL has caught the eye of countless media outlets and fans.

TCL’s slogan on the courtside LED screens
TCL’s slogan on the courtside LED screens

According to its financial results in the first half of 2018, TCL Group's revenue reached RMB 52.524 billion in H1, up 53.4% year-on-year.

Based on deepening its global strategic layout, the performance of TCL Electronics grew against the trend in H1. Its revenue rose 14.2% year-on-year to RMB 17.15 billion, while its net profit surged 237.5% year-on-year. According to Qunzhi Data's analysis of the global TV market share, TCL ranks the third in the world with 11.8%. It is rising to surpass Samsung and LG with TLC ranked only 0.2 percentage points behind LG. The world's No. 2. Omni-channel data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd. indicates that TCL tops the brand price index ranking in China's TV market. It will continue to climb in the rankings for global TV market share thanks to its consistent deepening of business deployment in key regional markets such as Europe and South America, which bring about the high growth.

As a Chinese enterprise, TCL's global operation capability continues to improve. At present, its business covers more than 160 countries and regions. It owns 28 R&D institutions, 10 joint labs, and 22 manufacturing bases worldwide, and overseas sales account for 46.95% of the total.

Data shows that for every 1% increase in brand recognition, an enterprise needs to spend about $20 million on advertising. However, through large sporting events, the same advertising fee can boost the marketing effect by 10%. Therefore, sports marketing is a more efficient way for brands to explore the global market.

To this end, TCL has made premium choices in sports marketing. In South America, they sponsored the Club Atlético Rosario Central in Argentina, and explored the opportunity of penetrating the regional market by sponsoring gear for the coaches of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. TCL leverages regional and localized sports marketing to boost brand recognition and influence.

This year, TCL announced a series of heavyweight partnerships. Brazilian football star Neymar has become a global brand ambassador, and TCL is now FIBA's global partner. TCL plans to achieve globalization in sports marketing by entering the two major ball sports that attract the most attention from fans around the world.

TCL is now known and recognized by increasing numbers of consumers thanks to multi-tier global sports marketing. Their brand globalization strategy is materializing in the process of forming an emotional connection with global consumers and fueling sustained sales growth in the global market.

A major national brand that is keeping up with the times, TCL is striving to become a global leading enterprise in intelligent product manufacturing and Internet services. Currently, TCL is in the process of full-speed acceleration, and the global strategic layout improves day by day. Sponsorship of the basketball World Cup, which is equal in fame to the football World Cup, does not limit TCL to the slogan of "TCL GLOBAL TOP 3 TV BRAND" - they have ever reason to believe that they can surpass it.

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