Grace Deng attends Shenzhen Fashion Week 2019, highlighting new Asian women's "ageless" thinking

Grace Deng
2019-03-17 15:28 520

SHENZHEN, China, March 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 15, the Chinese eponymous designer brand Grace Deng attended 2019 Shenzhen Fashion Week, with its unique market positioning and style. Grace Deng targets at forward-thinking Asian women who perceive their psychological age as being between 20 and 35. Each collection of the brand tells a story about how independent, youthful, and "ageless" Asian women empower themselves with the philosophy of living with love and designing with one's heart. Over the past six years, Grace Deng has cultivated an image as a vivid and lively woman, amassing a legion of fans, including young actresses and female customers.

Grace said, "The era of the new Asian women has come, however we must first do away with the constraints of age." The brand aims to help the voice of ageless women be heard worldwide. Grace Deng, by leveraging the consumer insights it has garnered since inception, has determined that the market for her clothing line fits women who are unconcerned with age. The "ageless" mindset signals the huge potential of the women-centric fashion market in China, even the wider Asia. During the show, Grace Deng showcased possible lifestyle choices for modern women with diversified styles and designs. Inspired by the lead character in the American cyberpunk action film, Alita: Battle Angel, the show provided the audience with an opportunity to engage in an acoustic and visual journey that leads to the integration of the fierce and the gentle sides of a woman's femininity, as well as repression and release, in order to share positive energy by encouraging women to destroy the old and create the new.    

The designer walked up onto the stage and closed the show. With a cute battle robot by her side, at the same time the violin plays music "Mulan" who represented Chinese Battle Angel, the designer hoped to share her confidence that a woman who believes she is ageless is as lovely as the battle robot and Mulan. Grace Deng aimed to show the world the unique combination of the allure of and the determination felt by new Asian women by highlighting the differences between the various sets of attire included in the new collection.

Grace disclosed the brand's aggressive schedule, including attending WCG 2019 as an invited designer with a mission to explore more possibilities for long-term and close crossover collaborations.

Source: Grace Deng