ILIFE A9s: Will launch at the AliExpress 328 Shopping Festival

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SHENZHEN, China, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ILIFE A9s, ILIFE's signature robot vacuum recently debuted at CES 2019, will be officially launched at the AliExpress 328 Shopping Festival. A9s is an integrated mopping and vacuuming robot, offering a complete AI cleaning solution for large homes with multiple rooms.

ILIFE A9s will launch at the AliExpress 328 Shopping Festival
ILIFE A9s will launch at the AliExpress 328 Shopping Festival

ILIFE is a user-driven innovation company with expertise in robot vacuum technology. Over the past few years, it has achieved rapid expansion and sales growth, as well as gaining favorable market responses around the world. The launch of A9s marks ILIFE's major stride forward in technological and user experience improvements.

Vacuuming Before Mopping: An AI Cleaning Solution

Gen 3 CyclonePower guides A9s to clean in 3 steps: specially tailored side brushes sweep debris to the cleaning path, where the roller brush at the bottom of the robot removes dust; the strong suction and large dustbin ensure maximum debris pickup.

A9s can be turned into a mopping robot simply by replacing the dustbin with the vibrating water tank. Designed to imitate the way humans clean, this pioneering water tank has a built-in vibrating motor which keeps the mop cloth in close contact with the floor while mopping the spot repeatedly. With vacuuming and mopping functions, A9s provides a comprehensive solution to different household cleaning tasks.

PanoView Navigation and App-Control: Hassle-Free Cleaning Experience

Assisted by PanoView Navigation System and CV-SLAM algorithm, A9s performs high-precision scanning of the surroundings, effectively avoiding missing or redoing any areas. A9s is also equipped with Electrowall technology which sets an invisible boundary, guiding the robot to clean areas that need cleaning only.  

A9s is an app-controlled robot. Users can start or schedule a cleaning cycle, create a real-time map, switch cleaning modes, get error alerts, and check the accessory life anytime, anywhere.

Limited-Time Offer for the AliExpress 328 Shopping Festival

A9s will be available on ILIFE's Official Store and Spain Store on from March 28 (PST). Joining A9s at the 328 Shopping Festival are W400 floor washing and kitchen/bathroom cleaning master; A8 real-time 360° navigation robot; and V8s 2-in-1 smart planned cleaning robot.

On March 28-31 (PST), ILIFE will offer a series of limited-time discounts and rewards:

  • ILIFE A9s limited-time price: $256.93
  • Up to 51% off ILIFE W400, V7s Plus, and V8s
  • A giveaway ILIFE A9s for the highest-spending customer during the promotional period
  • A $100 ILIFE Store shopping coupon for the 328th customer each day of the promotional period

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Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, ILIFE is a high-tech company specializing in robotic cleaning technology. Having successfully penetrated into the global market through its sales network in over 30 countries and regions, ILIFE offers technologically advanced, high-quality and cost-effective robot vacuums to the consumers around the world.

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