Immersal Comes Out of the Closet With an AR SDK That Will Kickstart the Global AR Cloud Revolution

Immersal Ltd.
2018-12-05 17:43 577

HELSINKI, Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Immersal published its markerless, persistent, massively multi-user, anchored, accurate AR Cloud SDK. This means that any developer, anywhere in the world can now create superior AR apps. The SDK enables large-scale AR, allowing Immersal to gather cloud data from end users and AR-enable the whole planet. The SDK can be used e.g. in indoor navigation, games, infotainment, retail and more. Here's a demo video to show it actually works right now:

What does this mean in practice? Let's go through the tech mumbo jumbo terms one by one:

  1. Markerless: In just few minutes, even a large space can be mapped with a normal phone - no markers or extra hardware needed. After this ARKit and ARCore-capable phones are able to enjoy the whole range of Immersal features.
  2. Persistent: If one creates an AR object (let's say a spaceship) mid-air, it will stick there until they want to delete it. No matter if they come back with a different device one year later - it's still there. This means no more temporary ad hoc demos on one's office table.
  3. Massively Multi-user: Apple and Google's multi-user support in ARKit & ARCore is quite limited. We love them - and actually utilize some of their stuff - but hey, we can enable interactive, shared AR experiences for hundreds or thousands of users right now.
  4. Anchored & accurate: Normally AR appears in random places and the accuracy is lousy. With Immersal AR Cloud SDK AR objects are now actually tied into the real physical world with centimeter-accuracy (depending on lots of stuff, of course).
  5. Fast and battery-friendly: The system can position the phone in a second or so and after that draw AR in real-time with minimum battery usage.

The SDK is in Private Beta now (not all functionalities included yet), the first customers trying it out are Umbra and FlyAR. An AR app for Finnkino (part of Odeon Group, which is owned by AMC, the largest movie theater chain in the world) has just been launched for media and coming out for public soon. Immersal is taking in a second seed round of 1M€ even as we speak (250k€ already committed by current investors).

About Immersal

Immersal Ltd. has previously developed a first in the world: a multi-user AR infotainment platform for Exhibition Center Helsinki. The solution was launched in Jan 2017 and is still up & running. Now Immersal announces a groundbreaking AR Cloud SDK for visual positioning (patent pending). Immersal currently employs 10 AR gurus and aims to be the biggest AR company in the world. More:

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