IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Returns with Grand Tech Funding Worth USD$105 million to Facilitate Project Launching in China

2019-07-04 09:29 1515

GUANGZHOU, China, July 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On Jun 26, 2019, IPIEC GLOBAL 2019, one of the world's top innovation and startup contests, returns for its third edition, announcing open at its Press Conference. This contest is jointly organized by China International Cooperation Association of SMEs and WTOIP (

This Press Conference was attended by a number of distinguished guests, including Mr. Ye Yingda, Deputy Director of the SME Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Mr. Luo Junzhang, Deputy Director of the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Mr. Boon Xie, Chairman and CEO of WTOIP; as well as representatives of overseas consulates and local business industry. Mr. Ye Dingda and Mr. Luo Junzhang gave addresses at the opening ceremony, whilst Mr. Boon Xie delivered an important speech on the launch of Tech Scouting of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019.

Global Tech Scouting - Funding amount totaling to USD$105 million

Boon Xie, Chairman and CEO of WTOIP, expressed in his speech that this year's edition scope has been upgraded to gather the needs of various local science parks to attract overseas investment and innovation. As of today, 128 technology demands have been submitted by 19 science parks and 65 enterprises in China, with proposed technology funding amount totaling to USD$105 million. Focused areas include new generation IT, AI, biomedicine, new materials, new energy and advanced manufacturing.

IPIEC GLOBAL has gained significant recognition worldwide since its first edition launched in 2017, as it is not only a startup and innovation contest, but also a platform for Chinese enterprises to look for excellent overseas technology for cooperation. On the other hand, it serves as a launchpad for global innovators to enter China and launch their promising projects in the country successfully.

What can enterprises get from IPIEC GLOBAL 2019?

IPIEC GLOBAL has been working with government agencies and major innovation organizations in local countries and regions to co-organize overseas chapters, by actively engaging startups, enterprises, inventors, innovation unions, industry associations, universities & colleges, research institutes and incubators to present their latest innovations.

On the other hand, originated from Guangzhou, China, IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 is also working with Sino-foreign cooperation zones and major science parks in China to scout and collect innovation needs from domestic stakeholders, with which to furthest connect with overseas projects and startups. Having been regularly acting as a platform to strategically match domestic tech needs with global innovative resources by WTOIP's in-house experts, the platform will be an ongoing effort to successfully facilitate connections.

While entering into China, global tech projects may face uncertainties, risks and challenges due to lack of local knowledge. With WTOIP, overseas projects can be backed by profession and protection in China. WTOIP's launch-in-China pack and entrepreneurial support can help IPIEC GLOBAL participants with:

  • Business Matching: Initial consultation, matching analysis, negotiation assistance, provision of legal documents and feedback
  • Project Liaison: Shortlisting potential business partners, project pitching on your behalf, providing regular pitching feedback
  • Project Promotion: Comprehensive promotion channels and measures incl. online media, offline events, publication etc.

For example, during the Tech Roadshow Tour of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018, top 30 contestants were taken to several major industry hubs (Xi'an, Suzhou, Kunming, Mianyang and Guangzhou) across China for project roadshows and meeting with local enterprises and authorities for discussion on potential collaboration, leading to 82 Letters of Intent signed.

Based on last year's success, IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 is going to take the contestants to even more leading industry hubs in China, aiming to help innovators and entrepreneurs lay a solid foundation for their business growth in China by building up an extensive business network, with potential access to local funding and incentive policies.

As the main organizer of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019, WTOIP is dedicated to providing services related to tech commercialization, based on an all-rounded innovation service scheme that integrates technology, IP protection, market analysis, local policy and promotion, in order to create an effective ecosystem to connect overseas innovators with local capital,  business, and clusters, so as to promote the transnational technology cooperation and accelerate the launching in China.

IPIEC GLOBAL has been a compelling opportunity for startups and innovators worldwide to launch in China with WTOIP's solid matchmaking support. Boon Xie, Chairman and CEO of WTOIP, believes that IPIEC GLOBAL will be an ongoing stimulation to boost the Sino-foreign tech collaboration and ultimately to deliver impactful benefits to overall technological advancement. By leveraging its local experience and expertise, WTOIP will never cease the efforts in helping promising technovation from overseas thrive in China. Let's make startups' story happen in China!

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Source: WTOIP
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