Lifequest World Corp. subsidiary Biopipe signs a MoU with India's Environest Global Pvt Ltd. to Introduce Biopipe System in India, Maldives, Mauritius & Sri Lanka

Lifequest World Corp
2019-07-30 20:00 5311

RIDGEFIELD PARK, New Jersey, July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Biopipe Global Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lifequest World Corp. (OTC: LQWC) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Environest to set up a 50-50 joint venture to introduce our patented onsite 100% sludge free, silent and odor free sewage wastewater treatment system in India, Mauritius, Maldives & Sri Lanka.

According to ENVIS Centre on Hygiene, Sanitation, Sewage Treatment Systems and Technology, India produces approximately 62 million m3 of sewage every day and approximately 39 million m3/day is untreated; against an installed capacity of only 30 million m3/day or 23 percent of the sewage output. Mr. Senthil Kumar, Director and CEO of Environest and Director at stated that "We visited an operating Biopipe plant and were completely surprised at the sludge and odor free aspect of the system. Due to acute shortage of water in India, reuse is becoming necessary and there is additional impetus from the government's Clean India Initiative. We are pursuing several projects and we believe that Biopipe has the potential to dominate the onsite sewage treatment market in India and surrounding countries. We expect to have our 50-50 joint venture agreement signed soon, but it has not stopped us from staffing, procurement and putting logistics in place in the meantime."

Max Khan, President of Lifequest said "Our core strategy is to set up joint ventures with strong partners in countries where we see enormous opportunities for our system. Environest's commitment to the environment is exemplary and we are looking forward to working with Mr. Senthil and his team. We are also pursuing similar partnerships in other countries as well."  

About Biopipe

Biopipe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifequest is the 1st patented and world's only sludge free decentralized (onsite) wastewater treatment system. Biopipe is 100% sludge free, odor free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and virtually maintenance free (if 1000 liters of sewage wastewater goes in, then 1000 liters of clean water is discharged). The treated water is clean enough to exceed EU Standards for discharge and reuse. The entire treatment takes place within a series of pipes and the only output is clean water that is reused for irrigation and cleaning.

About Environest Global Pvt Ltd.

Environest Global Private Limited was founded by dynamic and pragmatic social entrepreneur with a vision of reshaping the waste Industry - solid & liquid waste management. The company was started with a mission to protect environment by using comprehensive waste management solutions. It provides cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of integrated solid and liquid waste management.  Environest is committed to creating a self-sustaining circular economy in waste management industry.  As a socially responsible company, it strongly believes in developing waste management solutions that are relevant to the climate and composition of the waste to be handled so that communities and organizations achieve their green goals and actually realize their dream of zero waste concepts. Environest's vision is to surmount its influence to a global height creating "a better tomorrow from today". 

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