Madame Mifuki - Vietnam has elevated its position among beauty powerhouses in the world

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vietnam has traditionally been an importer of beauty technologies. However, on October 25, 2019, for the first time in the history of the country's beauty technology industry, a melasma treatment process has been exported by Madame Mifuki to Singapore via Life World Solutions Consulting Company in Singapore. This event marks the milestone that Vietnam elevated its position among beauty powerhouses.

Many people living in Asian countries have some kind of skin melasma or early aging. There are treatments from developed countries but they are mostly for immediate, short term fixes and fail to maintain good results over time. Mr. Cheng Tim Jin, Director of Life World Pte. Ltd, and his wife, were clients of Mifuki Tokyo Spa. After receiving positive results, he sent a letter expressing his interest in adopting the treatment solution for the Singapore market. On October 25, 2019, after 7 months of negotiation, the contract has been signed and now beauty care providers in Singapore will be able to use this solution for their clients.

Established in 1990, Mifuki Tokyo Spa is a well known name in beauty care. With 6-star luxurious facilities, professional service and good, visible results, Mifuki Tokyo Spa has attracted many high profile clients in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Many of the spa's Vietnamese, European, American, Japanese, Korean and Singaporean clients have been regulars from the early days. They are people with knowledge and experience in using the beauty care industry's services. They are also very demanding clients who want attention to details and dedication from the providers.

Mifuki Tokyo Spa's success in their non-invasive treatment that requires no fancy technologies and is a sign of Vietnam's rise in this industry and in the eyes of the world's beauty heavyweights. Mifuki Perfect Skin process not only raised Mifuki Tokyo Spa's standing in Vietnam but also in the world's beauty care "battlefield".

Madame Mifuki - the woman who raised Vietnam’s beauty care’s standing in the world stage
Madame Mifuki - the woman who raised Vietnam’s beauty care’s standing in the world stage

Mifuki Perfect Skin process gradually improves and nurtures the skin, maintaining it's youthfulness. The rejuvenation and melasma treatment process is performed in three phases:

Phase 1: removal of bad, scabrous and blackened skin

Fruit acids are absorbed into unwanted layers on the skin, peeling off the dead and scabrous skin layer that is usually insusceptible to other dead-cell removal chemicals. The acids are extracted from naturally available fruits and are unharmful to the body.

Phase 2: insertion of skin recreation nutrients

Cells from lamb placenta are gently applied to the skin epidermis layer using specialized machines, providing the EGF that helps the skin's recreation and health.

Phase 3: caring for, nurturing and protecting the skin

After application of Mifuki Tokyo's nature based solution, the skin's new cells will grow and the aging process is suppressed. At the same time, the skin is also nourished and protected from harmful elements in the surrounding environment.

According to Mr. Cheng Tim Jin, to rejuvenate the skin, caring for and nourishing it is most important. To prevent aging from quickly coming back, it is essential to have a healthy skin that can withstand the damage of harmful elements. An advantage of Mifuki Perfect Skin process is it that it is non-invasive, suitable for all skin colors, and can be used in combination with other treatments.

Madame Mifuki was the first Vietnamese woman who had achieved huge success in the real estate industry. She has experienced luxury services at many international venues. Mifuki Tokyo Spa was established 20 years ago, after her time living in and using these services in Japan. She brought the "relaxing paradise" model from Japan to Vietnam and built one of the most recognizable beauty brands at that time. As of now, Mifuki Tokyo Spa is the most experienced beauty care provider in Vietnam and is expected to have a bright development future.

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