Manila Philippines Development Agency (MMDA) to Adopt mit messenger Technology for 20 Million Manila Citizens

2019-02-19 17:20 923

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- mit messenger developed by Korean technology company - Stargram Global will be introduced in the administrative processing for civil affairs business in the Philippines capital city, Manila.

Manila Philippines Development Agency (MMDA) to Adopt mit messenger Technology for 20 Million Manila Citizens
Manila Philippines Development Agency (MMDA) to Adopt mit messenger Technology for 20 Million Manila Citizens

Stargram Global (CEO KJ Kim), a developer company of mit messenger met with Jose Altro Garcia, Deputy Managing Director of Philippine Manilla Development Agency (MMDA) on February 15th and have agreed to process the civil affairs for the citizen of Manila by introducing mit messenger to all administration parts of MMDA.

As a result, mit messenger will be used as an official messenger between the 20 million citizens of Manila, the capital of Philippines and the MMDA staffs.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), which was established in 1990 after being upgraded from the Metropolitan Manila Development Bureau, is a presidential administrative organization appointed by the president to carry out the development plan, monitoring and coordination functions of eight Manila cities and nine regional districts.

It exercises supervisory authority throughout Manila's administrative work including transportation, waste treatment, sewage, flood control, urban restoration, land use plan, disposal, policy, projects adoption and implementation, as well as rehabilitation and development of slums, health environment sanitation, public safety and disaster management.

A total of 1 million MMDA workers, including 200,000 direct public service staffs who crack down on traffic police, disaster relief, environmental fields and minor crimes are expected to use for administration works and management, which will be a great contributor to spread the mit messenger contribute greatly to the spread of the mit messenger users.

CEO KJ Kim and Deputy Managing Director Jose Altro Garcia said, "mit messenger which has the best security will be a great help in administrative execution", and "we will focus on providing the convenience to the citizen of Manila through the quick and accurate functions of mit messenger."

mit messenger announced on February 4th that through MOU with the Philippines Ministry of Labor, made it possible to handle complaints and grievances from over 15 million Philippines overseas workers and to carry out 34 trillion won of financial transactions in which the overseas workers to exchanged and remittances money to their home countries. It is moving toward the Philippine national messenger that does not neglect not only the lives of people but also in various public services as well as people's life such as sending emergency disaster information from Philippines Meteorological Agency.

CEO of Stargram Global, KJ Kim said, "we have been recognized as the official messenger and national messenger of the Philippines national civil affairs through the best security and user convenience of mit messenger." 

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