Mercatus Capital Announces Launch of Eight Mercatus, an innovative start-up platform focused on growth

Eight Mercatus
2019-03-13 16:51 900

SINGAPORE, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mercatus Capital, one of Singapore's home-grown pioneer investment venture firms which specialises in enabling and propelling early-stage companies to grow beyond their local markets, proudly announces the launch of their newest venture, Eight Mercatus, an innovative start-up platform focused on growth and development.

After investing in high growth start-ups for over 12 years, Mercatus Capital aims to provide a well-rounded and collaborative approach, better in line with industry trends. During growth phases, Mercatus Capital believes a greater degree of interconnectedness, engagement and resource sharing is vital in building a strong foundation. As such, Eight Mercatus aims to empower start-ups with high-growth potential to foster innovation, assist in scalability and help them reach their full potential, transforming their teams with their unique holistic approach to investment. With services ranging from legal and patent, to growth consultancy and mentorship. Eight Mercatus provides a robust environment that enables start-ups to upgrade their skills and products, become effective industry leaders and accelerate their business growth.

Eight Mercatus' investment into Innovation House Singapore is one key example of how they put their values into action. Innovation House Singapore's concept of a co-working space is entirely fresh and unique, aiming to provide start-ups with the appropriate environment to facilitate mutual collaboration, the sharing of ideas, and genuine friendships. With a positive working environment, Eight Mercatus believes that its entrepreneurs are able to improve their work performance and grow together with other start-ups.

With the Eight Mercatus team consisting of tech entrepreneurs and business owners who have founded and managed successful start-ups, Eight Mercatus employs a "been there done that" ethos wherein they understand the challenges of managing start-ups and the life of a start-up founder. A one-of-a-kind start-up incubator, this enables them to provide a hands-on and experience-backed approach to carefully guide new entrepreneurs through managing their start-ups which is the very essence of what sets their team apart from others.

Eight Mercatus' commitment to merging both business and holistic development is unique in the start-up world and promises to help emerging start-ups grow and find success. As their Managing Director Joanna Soh mentions, "we believe that total immersion in a thriving environment -- coupled with the right elements and energy -- is the key to success for any start-up".

About Mercatus Capital:

Mercatus Capital is one of Singapore's top home-grown investment venture firms. Launched in 2006, it is an accelerator and incubator specialising in seed and start-up investments, with the aim to enable and propel early-stage companies to grow beyond their local markets. With over fifty businesses successfully funded and taken to market, Mercatus Capital has earned itself a formidable reputation in the Asia Pacific.


Source: Eight Mercatus