Mininglamp Selected as New Generation Artificial Intelligence National Open Innovation Platform

2019-09-05 12:04 2274

SHANGHAI, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) announced a new batch of National Open Innovation Platform of New Generation Artificial Intelligence and selected Mininglamp Technology to develop the marketing intelligence platform at the opening of World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 on Aug. 29.

Marketing intelligence platform for corporate intelligent decision-making

The platform focuses on developing marketing intelligence technology to individualized and fragmented demand based on consumer dynamics and basic principles like openness, innovation and sharing, Mininglamp says. The platform, intended to integrate multiple modules, e.g. marketing intelligence software & hardware, open source community, training, standardization & certification labs and AI investment funds, to forge a comprehensive business ecosystem and an open marketing intelligence platform.

Mininglamp's marketing intelligence technology leverages AI, big data, CRM and other technologies to help companies unveil business patterns from massive multi-sourced and heterogeneous data, providing intelligent support for business decisions on user insights, brand analysis, consumer profiling, supply chain analysis, personalized advertising and marketing inventory management, etc. AI reasoning is employed to assist an enterprise to match supply with demand throughout its life cycle from procurement to manufacturing and then to sales, enabling the organization to operate efficiently and expedite innovation.

With the fast development of digitization and smart technologies, there's an exponential growth of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data acquirable via the Internet. A range of AI-based solutions, e.g. data cleaning and integration with lightning speed and precision, quick locating of valid data and correlation establishment, combination of human intelligence with organizational wisdom for advanced AI application, and full enabling of the industries of interest, have emerged to solve imperative concerns in the present context of AI developments.

Mininglamp will take advantage of fast growing technical capabilities and massive data to address the great demand in an open market, cultivate Chinese AI professionals and accelerate the development of AI industry. Every effort will be made to develop, commercialize and convert innovative AI and AI-based marketing solutions (e.g. knowledge graph) into holistic decisions and insights that enable corporate intelligent decision making via a closed loop consisting of data awareness, cognitive reasoning and decision on action. Mininglamp is dedicated to leverage AI technology to develop in-depth applications in business marketing, driving new rounds of industrial revolutions and fostering an unending series of growth poles.

"The honor of selected as the National Open Innovation Platform for New Generation Artificial Intelligence is the recognition of our technological achievement. It means that we will make a commitment to providing the society with better AI solutions while striving to establish corresponding sustainable mechanisms and industry ecosystem," said Wu Minghui, Mininglamp founder and chairman.

"Marketing intelligence exemplifies how Mininglamp fuses AI technologies with business expertise. By organically combining data management, personalization, and intelligence, we couple perception and cognition, allowing for closed-loop execution. This means unlimited potential for society and economy, because we can finally unite the user's needs, which are diverse, dynamic, and fragmentary, with the enterprise's production, marketing and brand building efforts. We hope to work with relevant enterprises, industries, and dedicated individuals to establish a platform that can lead China and the world in AI innovation," says Wu Xindong, chief scientist of Mininglamp and director of the Mininglamp National Marketing Intelligence Platform.

Currently, Mininglamp is providing AI closed-loop products and services for 2,000+ clients in various sectors including public safety, industrial, smart city, financial services and other vertical markets. Its key clients include P&G, L'oreal, Huawei as well as exemplary clients across China, e.g. police authorities, taxation authorities, government agencies, leading Chinese banks etc.

About Mininglamp

Mininglamp Technology is China's leading provider of one-stop AI products and service platform.

It is committed to exploring the application of the new generation of AI technology in the industries with complicated management. It breaks down the wall between perceptual and cognitive intelligence, aiming to integrate the wisdom of human beings, machines and organizations through multi-modal AI and big data technology, eventually achieve the application of high-level artificial intelligence with decision-making and analytical ability.

The efficient internal operation of organizations enables more manpower and resources in innovation, and thus creates a beautiful world of man-machine coordination.

Source: Mininglamp Technology