Neurosensum, AI-Enabled Market Research Startup, Raises Series A, Launches Experience Management Software

2019-07-25 11:30 1518

GURGAON, India and SINGAPORE, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Market research is critical to a company's success. However, trouble arises when survey participants are not always truthful about their responses.

Neurosensum, a market research startup, has been attempting to tackle this problem. It uses everything from virtual reality and facial coding to brain mapping and eye-tracking to gain an in-depth understanding of customer preferences and behavior at different touchpoints. Because, the human brain works in mysterious ways, and it's hard to lie on a subconscious level.

Neurosensum started its journey in February 2018 in Indonesia and raised a seed round from Alpha JWC Ventures as well as additional funds from some angel investors. In May 2019, the company raised Series A from SIG Asia and others. The startup has recently introduced a new AI-Enabled Experience Management Software called SurveySensum.

Since its inception, the startup's neuroscience-based work attracted many bluechip companies as clients. However, the team quickly realized that targeting just larger enterprises were not enough. "The fact of the matter is that only 2% of corporate use market research agencies, simply because mid-sized enterprises cannot afford the price of consultancy," explains Rajiv Lamba, Global Managing Director, Neurosensum.

Launched in June 2019, SurveySensum is an AI-Enabled Experience Management software that collects, delivers, and analyzes customer feedback and data in real-time, enabling enterprises to get consumer feedback at an affordable price in no time. SMEs now can perform their own market research at a very affordable price.

Here's how SurveySensum works: For instance the owner of a hotel wants to collect feedback from the guests. He can do so using SurveySensum's software, to craft his own surveys (or can get the startup to do it instead at additional cost) and fire them out to various touchpoints (emails, SMS, social media, websites, customer relationship management software, in-app integrations, on-site tablets and QR codes, etc.), and then all that data will be processed and tabulated in real time. In case of any negative feedback, he can immediately get in touch with the hotel guest to offer apologies and close the loop.

New funds will boost the startup's international reach, as it recently started its commercial offices in Singapore and India. New funds have also been utilized in improving AI processes that can analyze text and sentiment across various native languages. From a team of 45 people, Neurosensum is looking to double its size by the end of 2019.

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Source: Neurosensum