NTUB Business and Management Graduates Recognized as the Most Desirable Employees

TAIPEI, , May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Taipei University of Business (NTUB) is pleased to announce that the recently-published 1111 Job Bank University Employability Ranking 2019 recognizes their graduates with a degree in business or management for their excellent employability by ranking the school first in the finance and economics as well as business management categories. The school has been named the top school for the finance category five years in a row, testifying to the school's success in nurturing talent in line with the industry requirements. 97.9% of applicants admitted to NTUB choose to register for enrollment as the school has the highest registration rate among all public vocational universities. NTUB therefore earns the reputation as the "cradle of the best finance- and management-related recruits".

National Taipei University of Business signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute.
National Taipei University of Business signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute.

The last few years have seen the rise of innovative entrepreneurship. NTUB is committed to creating a school culture that encourages innovative entrepreneurship as a popular pursuit on campus. NTUB teams have garnered major awards in domestic and international entrepreneurship competitions, some examples of which include the champion and additional 5 awards at the third Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, the Golden Award at the 2017 Asian FinTech Creativity Award and the Award of Excellence under the Innovation and Startup Program. The record of excellence remains consistent as the school team is also the recipient of three awards in the 2018 FinTech Innovative Financial Service Design Contest.

NTUB Welcomes Prospective Malaysian Students

NTUB, as the first business school in Taiwan, is an active participant in the government's new policy initiative, the "smart business". An experimental store enabled by the smart technology is opened as a pilot project site where the school and our corporate partners experiment with smart retail services as the school takes on the role as a local think tank and advisor for regional integration and development. Chang Jui-Hsiung, president of NTUB, re-iterates the school's commitment in a statement, "NTUB will continue to incorporate new technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing and big data to our curriculum to ensure that students are prepared to serve as great business leaders and professionals well-versed in the new technological advances."

In addition to being an active participant in Taiwan postsecondary education fairs in Malaysia, NTUB has signed sister school agreements with 24 post-secondary institutions around the world to facilitate substantial exchange. NTUB is excited and prepared to welcome students from Malaysia to start their life-altering journey and launch an international career.

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