OCBC Bank collaborates with Ondot to enhance digital customer experience in Malaysia

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2018-09-19 14:32 1299

New features powered on Ondot's digital card services mobile platform redefines banking through co-innovation initiative led by The Open Vault at OCBC

SINGAPORE, Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ondot, pioneer of Mobile Card Services Consumer Empowerment Products, is collaborating with OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, to co-create unique customer experiences that provide cardholders with the ability to control and customize payment cards and preferences via a mobile application. As part of its commitment to create a customer-first bank of the future, OCBC Malaysia is collaborating with FinTech companies like Ondot to incorporate technology and data to elevate the customer experience.

OCBC Bank collaborates with Ondot to enhance digital customer experience in Malaysia
OCBC Bank collaborates with Ondot to enhance digital customer experience in Malaysia


Ondot, a Silicon Valley-headquartered FinTech company that serves over 4000 banks and card issuers globally, launched its Mobile Card Services digital solutions for banks across Asia this year.

"Ondot is excited to be collaborating with OCBC on its journey to transform and enhance the customer banking experience. With customers expecting payment card controls and notifications of their transactions at their fingertips, it is great to see banks like OCBC placing the customer experience at the heart of their business. In a market like Malaysia, card products that allow cardholders to shop freely and safely whether in-store or online, increase their confidence and help us all move one step closer to a cashless society," said Rachna Ahlawat, Executive Vice President of Ondot.

"In this age of the Digital Banking, OCBC is leading the charge in partnering FinTechs to accelerate the customer-first approach. Together with our partners, we are making it easier, safer, and more enjoyable for consumers in Malaysia to use their credit and debit cards wherever they are in the world," said Fabian Lim, Head of The Open Vault at OCBC Bank Malaysia.

Partnership underscores OCBC's commitment to FinTech innovation

Ondot's collaboration with OCBC Malaysia is driven by The Open Vault, the FinTech and Innovation unit of the OCBC Group, which is responsible for redefining banking through co-innovation with innovative FinTech firms around the globe.

"Innovation is key in the banking industry today and collaborating with FinTech companies is a priority to OCBC Bank. Our collaboration with Ondot is spearheaded by The Open Vault team and we expect more such initiatives to come through as we continue on our journey to shape the bank of the future," added Dato Ong Eng Bin, Chief Executive Officer of OCBC Bank Malaysia.

About Ondot Systems

Ondot Systems is the global leader in powering mobile card and payment services, serving over 4000 financial institutions across four continents. The company's real-time platform, built upon an API based services-oriented architecture, gives financial institutions a competitive edge by increasing mobile engagement and empowering their customers to personalize, manage and control how payments are made in today's world of always-on digital commerce, resulting in higher usage of payment instruments while lowering fraud incidents. To learn how Ondot is shaping the future of payments, visit

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