Petit Projects X Pronounce, Chinese New Year Collection 2019: As colorful as childhood

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BEIJING, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As Chinese New Year approaches, children's attire brand Petit Projects and Pronounce together launched their Chinese New Year collection. Following the announcement of the Pronounce X Li-Ning collection at London Men's Fashion Week, this is the brand's second crossover collection in 2019 and first-time efforts to design children's attire.

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A Color is Just A Color

No empty English words, no Ultraman, and no Peppa Pig. When did it become a rule that boys can only wear blue and girls should love pink? This is the concept printed on the collection's tags, direct and simple. "We deliberated at length about the story we will tell that would define how this collection came to be, and we decided to go with the simplest and most direct way", said Becky Chen, founder of Petit Projects. "Having entered the children's attire business, the question we come face to face with the most is that certain colors and visuals are for either boys, or girls. These questions are stereotypes at best, and we hope to soften these stereotypes through more free-spirited designs and sensitivity toward children's attire. This, is our ideology."

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Be a Kid and Have Fun

The inspiration of this collection came from my nephew's all-time favorite toy, Play Dough. We replicated the process of children playing with Play Dough, selecting colors and then piecing them together," said Zhou Jun, founder of Pronounce, reminiscing on how the collection came to life. "Of course, during the creative process, we retained Pronounce elements while incorporating the carefree essence of the Petit Projects brand, creating a mini Pronounce," added LI Yushan, Co-Founder of Pronounce.

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Small is Powerful, small is Beautiful

"We believe in our brand slogan, 'small is powerful, small is beautiful'. " said Becky, recollecting her initial thoughts on Petit Projects. "I have enjoyed interacting with children since my last job with a family-friendly resort brand. I'm inspired by children and they bring much happiness. However, I always thought 'they can look more stylish and be better dressed', and we want to do something about it."

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