Safety Comes First in Redesigned Wild Goose Canning Systems and Meheen Bottling Lines

Wild Goose Filling Systems
2019-07-02 22:00 1850

New features on canning and bottling lines focus on operator safety

BOULDER, Colorado, July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wild Goose Filling Systems today announced new features on both their canning and bottling lines that enhance safety for operators. Having a continuous focus on operator safety, Wild Goose releases new advanced capabilities to protect operators and enhance business assurance.

Wild Goose is focused on providing the safest, most user-friendly systems on the market. New, innovative features to both their canning and bottling lines ensure that operators and businesses are protected from mishaps in machine operation for everything from hot clean-in-place (CIP) liquids, pinch points, operator fatigue, electrical shock, broken glass, mold or other operator dangers.  

"Safety and quality are paramount to our customers' success," says Wild Goose's chief executive officer Chris Fergen. "Our enhanced technology ensures that brewers and craft beverage producers can produce the highest quality beverages without worrying about the safety of their operators and the risk to their business."

For filling systems, high temperature cleaning under pressure can pose a significant risk to operators and the equipment. On Wild Goose canning lines, new advanced features in high temperature CIP allow liquid temperatures of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees Celsius). Wild Goose canning systems measure the incoming CIP temperature and pressure, automatically opening all fill heads to eliminate pressure build up and ensuring that the high temperature liquid flows away from the operator. This process minimizes risk to the operator of being exposed to hot liquids. These new features also extend the lifespan of the equipment, lower operating costs and increasing future resale value.

New safety features for bottling lines include practical guarding and European compliance for safety controls and manufacturing standards. This user-friendly standardization mitigates the risk to workers for broken glass, noise, leakage and potential molding within the system.

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With decades of experience in brewing, canning, and bottling craft beverages, Wild Goose provides filling systems for beer, cider, kombucha, cannabis, wine and other ready-to-drink beverages. Having pioneered the first craft canning and bottling systems on the market, Wild Goose systems have patented technology that maintains the highest quality levels for packaged beverages. Their expertise in engineering and focus on craft beverages sets them apart from other systems on the market. With unmatched efficiency, operational control and excellence in customer service, Wild Goose provides canning and bottling systems to thousands of customers around the globe.

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