Single-lead ECG Wristband developed by Lifesense Health Officially Passes CFDA Certification

2019-07-31 17:51 6697

SHANGHAI, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 22 2019, a watch-type single-lead electrocardiogram ("ECG") wristband developed by Guangdong Lifesense Health Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Lifesense Health") (stock code: 300562) officially received China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") certification. It was reported that this product is the first ECG monitoring smartwatch in China to be awarded CFDA certification.

Lifesense Health is committed to providing general and smart health solutions using health IoT (Internet of Things) and vital data collected from customers in the field of sports health and chronic disease management. The Company has created various mobile Internet products such as "Lifesense Cloud" - a smart health cloud platform, "Lifesense Sports", "Lifesense Health" and "Lifesense Doctor". Utilising intelligent hardware, advanced product technologies and data analysis capability, Lifesense Health has achieved a vital and seamless connection between users, products and third-party health services. This provides individuals and families with a personalized health service which is essential for preventive, treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion.

This single-lead ECG wristband is capable of warning and preventing cardiovascular diseases and is a significant contribution in the general and smart health solutions of Lifesense Health. The product has an ECG monitoring function. If the user has a potential health risk, they can send their data to the doctor. Through the cloud platform, the doctor can immediately analyze the patient's abnormal data from multiple perspectives and follow up more comprehensively on the patient's health status.

At present, Lifesense Health is actively expanding its contribution in insurance, chronic disease management and cardiovascular disease management, and it is reaching each user in these segments via its product application scenarios. Lifesense Health offers a comprehensive customization platform covering hardware, software and services and it is achieving healthy growth in both its own platform and with its partners.

This single-lead ECG wristband is a breakthrough product that will relieve the bottleneck of traditional medical systems, gradually pushing a monopolized medical resource onto the market, and thus bringing a great benefit to many patients.

About Lifesense

Established on 2002

Listed in SZ Stock Exchange on Nov, 2016

Employee: approx. 2000

Two manufacturing bases in Zhongshan, and two R&D centers in SZ & SH, one international sales center in Singapore

Lifesense Medical specializes in the R&D, manufacture and sales of smart wearables, health scales, BPM and medical devices, and the development and operation of the smart healthy cloud platform.


Source: Lifesense
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