Slovenian Walking Tour Celebrates Most Successful Escape of WW2

2019-06-06 14:14 1697

SYDNEY, June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- After escaping with six other prisoners of war, Ralph Churches went back for more than a hundred of his mates. Aided by the resistance, they fled 285km on foot and were airlifted from behind German lines to Italy.

2019 marks the 75th anniversary of this extraordinary tale, and The Crow's Flight Tours are marking this event with a very special opportunity.

From August 29th to September 14th, join Ralph's son Neil & other relatives of those brave 100 in retracing their ancestors' 1944 escape across the mountains of Slovenia. Historical enthusiasts, trekkers and everyone is invited to join this momentous march into history.

Starting in medieval Maribor and finishing near the Croatian border, travellers will experience a unique journey through rolling hills, historic villages, and all the culture of provincial Slovenia.

WW2 Capture & Transfer to Slovenia

Captured in Greece, Churches was imprisoned, transported by rail and interred in Maribor, in what is now Slovenia. He and his fellow prisoners were put to work re-laying rail track destroyed by Allied bombers and Slovenian resistance fighters.

Churches and his co-conspirators made contact with the resistance and arranged escape for himself and six of their POW mates.

The Escape

After successfully escaping from the work site, Churches convinced the resistance to return the following day with him and attempt a much bolder escape.

Following a daring first light ambush, the Churches crew of six escapees grew to about 100. Crossing 285 kilometres, they arrived at a Partisan airfield, where Allied planes airlifted them to Italy.

The Walk

Travellers will enjoy walking, amazing villages, stunning vistas and country life throughout this walk. The Crow's Flight will cater for those who love to keep fit, WW2 military history and offer a unique experience of the escape trail that freed thousands.

The Crow's Flight trail is dedicated to Australian prisoner of war Ralph Churches BEM who led the largest and most successful escape of WW2. More than 100 escapees walked in light clothes, thin shoes and with little food for 14 days across Nazi-occupied Slovenia.

By contrast, travellers will see the same sights while enjoying comfortable accommodation, local food and luggage carrying service. Travellers are welcomed to join and experience the Freedom of Slovenia. It's a glimpse into a history that travellers will enjoy forever.

Source: The Crow's Flight