Suzhou Design Week 2019 has officially kicked off on the night of Oct. 24th, 2019!

2019-10-28 10:54 598

SUZHOU, China, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Many local and international guests attended the opening ceremony, including leaders of the Suzhou City and Gusu District Government, VIPs from the UK, Italy, France, Mexico, and Japan, SDW 2019 media ambassador and actress Carina Lau, partner and owner of Pei Partnership Architects Pei Chien-Chung, SDW 2019 senior consultant Zi Liu, as well as local and international artists, designers and curators.

Suzhou Design Week 2019, with "a more sophisticated Suzhou, a better living" as the main concept, includes a series of events divided into six sections: the opening, featured guest city, awards, exhibitions, events & talks, and design hop. Design of the Year Award include five awards: "City Development Design Award", "Innovative Industry Design Award", "Cultural Continuity Design Award", "Service Experience Design Award", and "Communication Design Award". The exhibition shows through multiple aspects, in 3D and with tangible objects, how the development of the city, transformation of industries, improvement of living, and the continuity of traditional culture in Suzhou has been able to thrive with the help of design and creativity.

Compared to last year's Suzhou Design Week, this year's SDW focuses more on presenting local culture in depth. Some of the collaborations that were planned last year have also finally blossomed this year. Moreover, the SDW committee are working with Beijing Design Week to hold more international promos in Milan and London in hope of pushing Suzhou design worldwide. The Committee of the SDW team says that "Suzhou is a historical and cultural city, but also an innovative and energetic city". From the 25th to the 29th of Oct. you will be able to enjoy works from Suzhou Design Week from Taohuawu to Pingjiang Road.

Source: Suzhou Design Week