The "Longfor Yuanlu Community Center" designed by Challenge Design, has won many high-profile international awards, such as the IDA Award and the A' Design Award

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SHANGHAI, April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Longfor Yuanlu Community Center" designed and constructed by Challenge Design and JAZBUILD, has won many high-profile international awards. The awards include the 12th International Design Awards "Architect Design of the Year" (of which there is only one) and the "New Commercial Building Gold Award." They also include the 2018-2019 A' Design Awards Platinum A' Design Award in Architecture, as well as the 2019 BC Wood Design Awards International Design Award.

Mr. Jie Lee, Challenge Design Founder& Chief Architect
Mr. Jie Lee, Challenge Design Founder& Chief Architect

International Design Award

- Architect Design of the Year & New Commercial Building Gold Award

The Official Winner's Award Ceremony and Cocktail Reception of the 11th & 12th International Design Awards took place at the prestigious "Pacific Design Center" in Los Angeles on Thursday 25th of April, 2019. Companies and designers from 90 countries submitted more than 4,000 projects, and the competition was fierce, and the entire judging process was very strict. The Challenge Design won this very important award because of concentrating on the 'origin of design', they keep exploring rewarding experiences and reality of space, raise the possibility of multiple space development, and demonstrate the richness and modern spirit of traditional Chinese culture before eventually representing the natural construction. Inspired by the classical academy in Chongqing, the project applies the idea of conventional pitched roof to architectural forms. During the process of integrating design with construction, timber plays a role as a structural component and also in showing the aesthetics; it symbolizes modernism and warmth. To explore our traditions is the main means of evoking the empathy of visitors.

In the ceremony, there were 5 major design categories: Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, and Fashion Design. The stellar international jury evaluated the entries based not only on the highest of current design standards and trends, but also on the goal of seeking out truly visionary designers who would take the creative leap and lead the way into the future. The committee also released an award-winning video from Challenge Design in which they expressed their deep gratitude and explained the design concepts of the project.

Wood WORKS! BC Wood Design Awards - International Wood Design Award

Wood WORKS! has announced the winners of its 2019 BC Wood Design Awards in Vancouver, which celebrates innovation and excellence in wood building design across Canada and the world. After fierce competition, the project was finally awarded the International Wood Design Award. The judges unanimously believed that the project conveyed "The Truth of Beauty" and innovation of Chinese wood structures, while the use of modern engineering wood materials created a new wood-structure space and endowed the building with a natural vitality and affinity. That a Chinese wood-structure project was awarded an international wood design award is a new milestone for the field. It also gives domestic developers, designers and builders more confidence that China can also build modern and innovative wood-frame buildings.

A' Design Award - Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Architecture

A' Design Award & Competition (, the World's largest and most diffused international design awards announced the results of the 2018 - 2019 design competition: 1,964 winners from 99 countries in 98 different design disciplines. Entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devoted great care and attention to details while voting each entry. The award is organized by OMC Design Studios SRL, member of ADI and ICSID. While the Platinum Award winner only accounted for 1% of the total award, as the winner of Platinum Awards, Challenge Design is invited to participate in the ceremony.The Gala Night - La Notte Premio A' (Award Ceremony of 2018 - 2019 Period) will take place at Teatro Sociale Como, on 28th of June (Friday), Teatro Sociale Como is located at Piazza Verdi, Como / Italy.

"Thanks to all the honorable judges. China is a country full of creations, and we long for more opportunities to communicate with brilliant designers at home and abroad. We will keep offering higher-quality design and better works to other global designers,"  said Mr. Jie Lee, Challenge Design founder and chief architect.

Chongqing Yuanlu Community Center

Facing Yulin River, the Project sits next to Longxing Ancient Town, Chongqing, China, mirrored by rolling hills in the distance and a centralized green area. In order to demonstrate the philosophy of authenticity of architecture, space, form and structure, architects use timber to closely link space and structure, thus making the architecture itself have the "virtue of honesty". Based on the changing structural form, the integration and interaction of functions, spaces, materials and structures with people are gradually unfolded, thus to exhibit the elegance of the building in natural light.

Awards List for This Project

1. 12th International Design Award- Architect Design of the Year & New Commercial Building Gold Award
2. Wood WORKS! BC Wood Design Awards - International Wood Design Award
3. A' Design Award - Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Architecture
4. 2018 IAI Design - Excellence Award
5. 2018 Timber Design for Senior and Assisted Living Facilities -Second Prize
6. 2018 13th Kinpan Awards Southwest Region- The Best of Sales Center
7. 2019 China Real Estate & Design Award- Merit Award

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Different Awards Ceremony
Different Awards Ceremony


Chongqing Longfor Yuanlu Community Center
Chongqing Longfor Yuanlu Community Center

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