The new Yard Force Robotic Mowers are now available all around Europe at Bauhaus

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WILLICH, Germany, March 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In the culmination of a partnership between MEROTEC GmbH and Bauhaus initiated late last year, the new Yard Force AMIRO Robotic Mowers for City Gardens and X series Robotic Mowers for large and more complex gardens are now available in 270 stores of Bauhaus all around Europe. The mowers are equipped with iRadar™ Active Safety Technology and Wi-Fi control

iRadar technology
iRadar technology

Yard Force iRadar™ Active Safety Technology

All robotic mowers have to adhere to general safety regulations during normal operating conditions. For this reason, most robotic mowers on the market are equipped with several Passive Safety sensors, such as collision sensors and lifting sensors. The emergency STOP button is the ultimate failsafe in case all Passive Safety sensors do not function as intended, but the time needed to react to a situation and press the button creates a potential risk for injury.

iRadar™ is an Ultrasonic sensor built into all AMIRO® and X Series robotic mowers that meets the highest safety standards. iRadar™ uses Active Safety to protect everyone, especially children and pets, from being hurt and to avoid any collisions. From 20cm away, the new Yard Force® robotic mowers can detect obstacles with a minimum height of 12cm, calculate the running speed with its integrated algorithm, and automatically turn away.

YARD FORCE AMIRO City Mowers are equipped with iRadar technology and are perfect for city garden use
YARD FORCE AMIRO City Mowers are equipped with iRadar technology and are perfect for city garden use

Wi-Fi Control

Wi-Fi relays, also called Wi-Fi repeaters, are often used in homes to extend the coverage of Wi-Fi signals. In large gardens, however, an in-house Wi-Fi relay may not provide enough coverage for robotic mowers to receive commands.

The Yard Force Wi-Fi relay is a great solution. Installed on the Yard Force AMIRO and X series charging station and set up on the Mowap App, this additional module will extend the Wi-Fi signal into the garden area.

YARD FORCE X Series Models
YARD FORCE X Series Models

Now, Yard Force AMIRO 350i, X50i, and X80i are exclusively available in Bauhaus stores, and X100i robotic mower for large and complex gardens is available on the online store; all models are equipped with iRadar™ Technology and Wi-Fi control through the Mowap App.

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Source: MEROTEC GmbH