TikTok celebrates a new journey with #TikTokTravel

2019-06-07 22:59 5002

In-app travel campaign on TikTok rolls out across 100 countries and regions starting today

Tourism boards around the world are choosing TikTok to showcase their countries' travel destinations in a new, engaging and creative way

SINGAPORE, June 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TikTok, the world's leading destination for short-form mobile videos, launched today a global travel campaign #TikTokTravel across 100 countries and regions to inspire users to creatively capture and share their travel moments.

TikTok celebrates a new journey with #TikTokTravel
TikTok celebrates a new journey with #TikTokTravel

The #TikTokTravel campaign brings together the best of TikTok — it features a global in-app challenge, a theme song "Summer" incubated from "TikTok Spotlight", an innovative musician program to discover and support independent and unsigned artists, as well as a new product feature, an easy-to-use "Photo Template" tool that allows users to stitch together still images into a rolling video.

The global in-app challenge lasts till 30 June, and creators who participate by uploading videos to the hashtag stand a chance at winning attractive prizes.

Embracing the spirit of TikTok, the #TikTokTravel campaign transcends boundaries and celebrates diversity. By empowering people to quickly and easily capture and share moments that matter in their lives from their smartphones, TikTok has become increasingly popular for showcasing authentic travel moments, with over 400,000 videos under the #travel hashtag and a total of over 1.7 billion views. These videos range from creators interacting with nature in various ways, to immersing themselves in different cultures such as tasting street food, to trying their hand at uniquely local experiences.

In fact, tourism boards around the world have also recognized TikTok as a promising platform to share and discover travel content. Tourism boards from cities and countries including Los Angeles, Dubai, Seoul, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are joining TikTok during the campaign period, with a few launching in-app activities including: #ThisisJapan, #VisitSeoul, #ThisisDubai, #HelloDanang, #ColorfulMedan and #ExperiencePenang.

Stefan Heinrich, Marketing Director, TikTok US said: "TikTok's global reach enables people from any region to share their favorite local gems in creative and unique ways. Through real life video, our community is proud to share what makes their part of the world special, whether that's captured in nature, food, cultural events, or sights and sounds. We love seeing our users spread local pride and culture through insider travel tips, and we're excited to give our community a window into the world that lets us all feel a bit closer to each other."

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