TUV Rheinland and Shenzhen No. 3 Vocational School of Technology Cooperate to Build Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Training Center

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COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 14, 2018, Mr. Ralf Scheller (Member of the Executive Board of Management of TUV Rheinland Group) and top TUV Rheinland executives met with Mr. Qiao Jiahua (Deputy Director of Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress and Chairman of Shenzhen Municipal Trade Union), Shenzhen Municipal Trade Union delegation and Shenzhen No. 3 Vocational School of Technology delegation (hereinafter referred to as "No. 3 Vocational School"), and other officials at the headquarters of TUV Rheinland Academy in Cologne, Germany. At the meeting, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for the Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Training Center project.

TUV Rheinland and Shenzhen No. 3 Vocational School of Technology cooperate to build Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Training Center
TUV Rheinland and Shenzhen No. 3 Vocational School of Technology cooperate to build Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Training Center

The Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Training Center aims to draw on the global network of TUV Rheinland to introduce the latest international technical resources and education system to Shenzhen for building the advanced intelligent manufacturing demonstration production line and training center in Shenzhen. The center will benefit the development, upgrading, and transformation of Shenzhen's industry, and help turn 'Made in China 2025' into reality. 

The center fulfils two major functions:

1) To serve the creation of intelligent manufacturing major in No. 3 Vocational School, including teachers' training and students' professional practice.

2) As a demonstration and training center simulating the real industrial 4.0 scenario in a smart factory, it will be open to groups of visitors from Shenzhen enterprises and to all those eager to learn. The center will introduce the TUV PersCert certification system according to international technical standards, helping the development of intelligent manufacturing major and professional technical courses.

During the meeting, Mr. Ralf Scheller, Mr. Norbert Wieneke (Business Officer, TUV Rheinland Academy and Life Care), Mr. Carlo Humberg (Senior Project Manager, TUV Rheinland Academy) and Ms. Gorica Glisic (Area Manager, TUV International GmbH) accompanied the guests on a tour of the TUV Rheinland headquarters, TUV Rheinland Academy and Innovation Center. The two parties subsequently engaged in high-level talks on "Shaping the Future." The meeting reviewed the history of friendly cooperation between the Shenzhen Municipal Trade Union and TUV Rheinland. Both parties are looking forward to cooperating to support more Shenzhen manufacturing enterprises in industry transformation and upgrading.

Mr. Qiao gave a short speech at the signing ceremony, saying that "In recent years, the goal of Shenzhen talent cultivation is to create a group of outstanding talents in the field of intelligent manufacturing by diversified international cooperation and continual introduction of advanced education systems and resources into Shenzhen. This time, the cooperation between No. 3 Vocational School and TUV Rheinland is following the trend of Industry 4.0, and is of profound significance for both parties in deepening talent cultivation in South China." Mr. Scheller added, "The signing of the framework agreement provides a great opportunity for the industrial development of China and Germany. We will continue to build on past progress, and take Industry 4.0 as a chance to chart a new course in vocational education."

TUV Rheinland helping Shenzhen with International Talent Training

Back in 2015, TUV Rheinland and No. 3 Vocational School signed a Memorandum of Understanding and cooperation framework agreement on vocational education that paved the way for international cooperation in multiple areas, including secondary vocational education and employee continuous education:

  • Introducing dual education philosophy from Germany to optimize mechanical and electrical application technology & Computer Network Technology major;
  • Establishing the "TUV Rheinland Shenzhen Quality Control System Training Center"; as of 2018, the center was offering 25 courses to more than thousand enterprises in Shenzhen, and trained over 12,000 high-level application technology talents.

The signing of this framework agreement enables the two parties to continue the good cooperation they enjoyed over the past three years, and to supplement and strengthen it that way. TUV Rheinland will assist No. 3 Vocational School in establishing a world-class Sino-German Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Training Center on its campus by the end of 2019, and provide a full range of services for the construction of the center, including training a team of intelligent manufacturing teachers, introducing intelligent manufacturing related courses as well as the TUV PersCert certification system. In addition to that, the partners will jointly develop an intelligent manufacturing professional curriculum and technical training modules. Both parties will be responsible for maintenance and operation of the center, and will branch out into the high-end manufacturing enterprises of Shenzhen to help spur upgrades throughout the industry.

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