Understanding the Trends of the International Dairy Market from Deluxe Milk Winning BioFach 2019

Deluxe Milk
2019-02-19 11:10 983

NUREMBERG, Germany, Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The rapid development of the Internet accelerated China's consumption upgrading and the transition of dairy industry from price-driven to quality-upgrade. Facing the highly homogenized dairy market, as a leading brand, Deluxe Milk presented itself at BioFach 2019 as the only brand from China. It won the gold award, achieving its 7th consecutive award and received high recognition in China and abroad. The 7 year winning streak has laid a solid position for Deluxe Milk in the industry and brought new thoughts for dairy development in the future.

Panorama of the BioFach 2019 pavilion
Panorama of the BioFach 2019 pavilion

1. High-end products - delivering higher value for consumption upgrading

While people are more concerned about nutrition, food safety, the environment and health, their needs for organic products keep rising. As a leading high-end dairy brand in China, Deluxe Organic milk has maintained high dairy standards with 3.6g of high-quality protein and 120mg of calcium in every 100ml of organic milk since 2005. It has once again surpassed itself and redefined the industrial benchmark. Deluxe Milk has always nurtured better growth of life with better nutrition and inspired consumers to achieve higher life goals.

This year, Deluxe Milk presented itself in BioFach 2019 by "offering better organic products by knowing nature." The organic tree shape of the exhibition hall and the AR interaction all show how Deluxe Milk organic milk delivers better nutrition and higher standard with exclusive organic producing areas, ecology and pastures.

2. Personalized packaging- personalized products become a new trend of young consumers

In the highly competitive dairy market, in order to capture the favor of consumers, younger and more thoughtful creative and convenient product experiences are required. Another highlight of Deluxe Milk at the expo was the brand-new packaging upgrade - "250ml dream cover", which breaks the traditional drinking method by doing away with a straw. In addition, Deluxe Organic milk creatively integrates natural elements such as noble Holstein cows and green pastures into the new packaging and strives to communicate with consumers though "natural language" to make the brand younger. The package upgrade not only consolidates its industrial position in China, but also ushers in a new era of international dairy industry.

3. Diversified scenes - upgraded drinking scenes to change industrial landscape

Expanding consumption scenes and the outdoor market are the key measures to upgrade drinking scenes. The new dream cover design opens a new way of drinking milk, making it easy, instant and on-the-go. At the same time, it is easier to meet the drinking habits of consumers with a capacity of 250ml, providing a more elegant and convenient consumption experience.

In the era of consumption upgrading, better opportunities can only be obtained by continuous product upgrading to cater to consumers needs. Just like Deluxe Milk, it constantly drives product upgrading with innovation, sets up new industrial benchmark with higher standards and strict requirements, and redefines high-end milk. It surpasses itself, becomes industrial benchmark, keeps promoting industrial development, and leads the Chinese dairy brands to go global.

Source: Deluxe Milk