Vedic Math Association and Early Childhood Association to hold 'Vedic Math Competition 2019'

Flexible Vedic Mathematics gives inspiration to Early Education and Creative Thinking
Vedic Math Association
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HONG KONG, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Led by Vedic Math Hong Kong Association and co-organized by Early Childhood Organization Of Hong Kong, executed by Math Monkey and Tak Ngai PR & Marketing Limited, the "Hong Kong Vedic Mathematics Competition" will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The venue will be at Salesian Yip Hon Millennium Primary School, 9 Shek Pai St, Kwai Chung, NT. The new Century Printing Industrial Ltd. fully sponsors the printing. The competition has been held for seven times since 2009, which help paves the way to a truly new approach to math education.

Vedic Math Competition 2019 Photo
Vedic Math Competition 2019 Photo


Vedic mathematics comes from ancient India and is a perfect mathematical system. It allows learners to simplify complicated mathematical problems to a level that can be easily mastered. Therefore, Vedic mathematics is a process of improving logical thinking and creativity.

Vedic Math Hong Kong Association hopes to allow students to explore the benefits of mathematics for personal development from the meaning of competition. In order to encourage students to participate actively in the competition, the organizer will set up gold, silver, bronze and overall champions in each group. Students with excellent grades will earn the opportunity to meet with university students from Hong Kong and Guangzhou during the summer vacation.

Vedic Math Hong Kong Association has spent lots of effort in charity in the past. This time, it is no exception. The event will help raise funds for the Children Charity Foundation. Scholarships are set up for the excellent sixth grade students as a subsidization on part of their textbook expenses while lessening their families' burden. The organizer also allocates partial registration fees to encourage low-income families actively participate in the competition and the use on training. In order to encourage full-time students to participate in social affairs, the organizer will issue a certificate of appreciation for them.

Please visit the Facebook page of the Vedic Math Association or to check the website and complete the form by April 7 with the entry fee 250 HKD. For details, please refer to +852 23071028.

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